Biggest Hoe in Reno — Stephanie Tapia

Biggest Hoe in Reno — Stephanie Tapia

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do I start with this train-wreck Stephanie Tapia. She had her daughter at 16, was with the baby daddy but it somehow didn’t work out, ever since that she’s been the biggest hoe in Reno! Not only that but she used to be so called best friends with some girl named Valerie sad thing was that stephanie slept with her best friends man, yupp not only is she a hoe but also a POS friend! And she wonders why she has no real friends. All the people she considers her friends are fake a$$ people that talk sh1t behind her back they put her life on blast and bash on how sh1tty of a mom she is. But what else do you expect people to say when she’s always out at the clubs and bars with her “new man”, she never has her kids, she always asking who can watch her kids on Facebook, and always dating new guys and bringing them home where her daughters asleep, she just has a lot of growing up to do! She bashes people on how they’re broke when this b1tch always relies on the new men in her life to support her, she can’t afford to be on her own she lives in section 8 housing but swears she’s a boss ass b1tch because the car she has is new haha jokes on you cause no one gives af when you’re kids are never taken care of, recently she had CPS called on her because her new born daughter had such a bad rash underneath her neck, the babies skin was completely RAW! what kind of mother doesn’t do her job and just lets their new born baby get such a bad rash like that. She’s just TRASH I don’t get why anyone would take this hoe seriously when she’s a shitty mom and is always in new relationships every other month, girl is a mess and she thinks her shit on stink, cause she goes to school lol and cause her makeup “always done” girl sit tf down and take care of them kids. Everyone in Reno knows this tramp and she’ll sleep with anyone but this b1tch ain’t sh1t and is always bringing up her EX’s like girl go do your makeup since it’s the only thing you know how to do with your crusty pale looking self haha.

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  1. LmaoApril 15, 2018 at 7:55 PM

    sad ass b1tch only cares about the next d1ck

  2. SApril 9, 2018 at 7:45 PM


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