An Insult to True Makeup Artist Everywhere

An Insult to True Makeup Artist Everywhere

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Stephanie Sexton needs to be put on blast. She claims she is a “beauty therapist,” whatever that is… when all she really does is try and cram her Younique garbage makeup down people’s throughts. She has ripped off many women who have come to her wanting to buy makeup, and when she’s not busy ripping women off, she’s running her mouth online arguing with actual professional makeup artists who are trying to help people and offer real advice. She doesn’t care about your skin, your health, or your looks. All she wants to do is sell you her crap Younique products. Except, you’ll never actually get them because she rips people off. Don’t do business with Stephanie. She’s taken so much from me and is an insult to the professional makeup artists. She gives them a bad name. A good makeup artist just wants you to feel beautiful and confident at the end of your session but Stephanie just wants to sell you her crap and she’ll do whatever it takes to do it. She is a liar and a scammer, not to mention an online bully. Don’t trust Stephanie.

Stand by. About to see if the movie CREED is on Netflix. Steph’s nose motivates me.- nik

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  1. MattyJanuary 22, 2018 at 9:33 AM

    Her makeup sucks.. she needs to learn to contour that nose of hers.. plus younique sucks look how clumpy her Mascara is lmao!!

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