Debby Bradford – Officer Poopy Pants

Debby Bradford – Officer Poopy Pants

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is undercover officer Debby Bradford aka Debby Gardner, shes an old hag who does way to much drugs and always poops in her pants and she thinks its hilarious to sh1t herself she will blow a55 and laugh all day shes goss. She sh1ts her pants on purpose and does drugs non stop and tells on everyone she has been around for a while in citrus heights she use to live on old auburn and is now staying in an undercover house by the tire shop and gilbertos on auburn blvd its kind of hard to see if you dont know its there but its an undercover opperation house so stay away or you will go down or possibly step in sh1t. Not much else to say about this old hag. Oh everyone in her social media, is all bad. Keep away.

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  1. Mandee AndreeJuly 18, 2018 at 12:39 AM

    Debby will poop her pants constantly. Its foul. She is a cop and her cover has been blown. She has a fetish for feces.

  2. Elena CalderonJuly 17, 2018 at 12:53 AM

    Yes this is an undercover cop who works for the Citrus Heights Police and Debby poops in her pants on purpose its disgusting. Everyone in Citrus Heights Knows Debby Sh1ts herself and thats “NO JOKE” bwahaha she stinks. If your walking with her at random she has shaken whole turds out of her pant leg she will even point it out to you. She even has wiggled her toes in pieces of crap in her yard. Shes is very open about her fetish for feces. I think its a little more than part of her cover and im pretty sure the whole Citrus Heights Police Department are weirdos like that. Gross