Frankie Timmons – O.R-Original Rat

Frankie Timmons – O.R-Original Rat

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Frankie Timmons probably one of the biggest Lames in the world. Hes an Old Big Mouth Rat undercover cop that lives on Kanai Ave in Citrus Heights Ca who does nothing but name drop tell lies and shoot up meth and herione. He has a police issued radio that is a direct line to the citrus heights police. Everyone goes to jail from his house and he steals kids bikes in the neighborhood and has nothing but undercover cops at his house its a undercover pig farm. Everyone on his social media is a snitch or undercover cop and after this exposer he should be removed and gone from the hood. No more name dropping and snitching on people for this clown in Citrus heights. He also is selling drugs to kids in School zone where police should not be opperating like they are. Stay away from him and the rest of the citrus heights rat undercovers who are also in The Dirty Army and you will stay outta jail.

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  1. Bryan GoreJuly 17, 2018 at 6:21 AM

    The Citrus Heights Police use this snitches police opperated drug dealing house thats in a School zone to stop people at random who have nothing to do with this punk at all and use Frankie Timmons house as probable cause to stop people for no reason and ilegally search them sayin they look like someone who goes there or lie and say they seen them leaving Frankie Timmons Meth house and tell you that when they stop you, as if they are advertising for him they will tell you its a bad house and they sell alot of meth there and that you were walking by so they thought you were leaving there or going there when you would have otherwise nit known sh1t about it. It cracks me up how stupid the citrus heights police are. They are snitching out their own drug dealing house because frankie is an undercover snitch cop this sh1t is out of hand they are not going to herass good people because they feel like it and use a dope fiend undercover for an excuse to violate the law and a persons privacy and constitutional rights and get away with it. That pig farm house is getting removed.

  2. Eric DiasJuly 16, 2018 at 2:21 AM

    Sense this post has come out the Citrus Heights Police now have Frankie Timmons trafficing all his dope traffic through Sylvan Cemetery in amd out his back yard because he changed his back fence to have a crappy quick put in gate. Frankie Timmons also has always in the only 5 years hes lived in that house gone into the Cemetery high off his ass with people late at night and dumpster dives in their trash cans and dumpsters like a f*ucking Morbid a55 Weirdo!!! I cant stand that sh1t! Its soooo disrespectful and that aint the worse part he also lets his dog a big put bull run free through the Cemetery while he does it because the Cemetery is fenced in and he lits his dog piss and sh1t all over graves while hes in the dumpsters and stealing Vases off graves. Why would anyone and I mean anyone dumpster dive in a Cemetery at all ever!! Even the citrus heights police know about it and because hes an undercover cop they let em do what he wants. Frankie will even tell people that to he will blow his own cover high off his ass and say he can do whatever and that he tells the citrus heights police what to do. This punk has got to go. Hes getting removed no matter what. His house is also in a school zone right next to 2 schools and the cops are pushing hella dope there and other sh1t that should not be targeting elementary school kids or even around them. Its the same case with Robert Wessles.

  3. Herman WesleyJuly 14, 2018 at 8:42 PM

    This fool has snitched on everyone he knows even other cops. Lame