Malih Safapour — Luxe Ethereal Spa Salon

Malih Safapour — Luxe Ethereal Spa Salon

THE DIRTY ARMY: malih safapour, aka mellila, mahra, she runs a nail salon, Luxe Ethereal Spa & Salon, at 91 Gregory Ln Ste 6, Pleasant Hill, CA She changes the name of the salon frequently as she does for her own name. Malih is 79 years old, born on 12/22/1940. she claims herself as 60 years old and goes on dating sites to dig money out of old men. look at the photos from her dating site profiles, where she uses photos of other women pretend to be herself. numbers of men reported after meet with malih, their wallets got stolen and fraudulent card transactions appear on their statement the following days. she wrote on her dating profile that she wants meet face to face with any man ,thus she can take action to steal valuables. in 2013, malih stole a bmw from a guy who she went on 2 dates with, then she was arrested for grand theft. As a former escort and pimp, malih changed her face a number of times through plastic surgery trying to cover up her dirty past. malih escaped Iran with her ex husband, a butcher who later died for unknown cause. malih had worked in the porn industry for years aside from being a stripper, drug dealer. she now operates underground business in her shop in pleasant hill and had been arrested many times. this transgender looking ex-con is on the list of most wanted fugitives. She is also an animal abuser. ugly at heart, malih had stolen Griffon, Frise,Terrier, Whippet,Maltese,Basenji and kept in a cage in her bathroom. when the neighbor reported it to cops, malih offered the investigators “free relax spa” in her salon in exchange for a drop on the case. case number 1612201734, look it up.

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  1. Old SchoolDecember 5, 2018 at 8:47 PM

    Great post on a con artist who is still at it over sixty years after getting on the grift.

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