Melaina Willis — Moe The Hoe

Melaina Willis — Moe The Hoe

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This girl’s been out of control since she was in middle. This chick was smoking meth at 13 years old and spreading her legs every way she turned, even tried getting with her friendds dad! she’ll put on a good front and act like she is your good friend untill she gets what she wants from you, she steals from her own family and fuks all of her “girl friends ” boy friends, this chick will sneak her way into your life like a dirty gerbal and try to take everything from you that she wishes she had. she got pregnant with her son and continued to do drugs, the only good thing she did for that baby was quit breast feeding cause she was doing drugs. She is a sh1t mother, she NEVER has her son. , when she does shes sleeping on who evers floor she comes across, she started dating a methed out gang affiliated guy who she let be around her son when ever she had him. She acts like a hard a55 untill you see her in person, she’ll pee her pants and run like the scared little slore she is. This b1tch wouldnt know REAL if it her in the face. Youre probably wondering where her mother is. Shes right there , showing her how to be a piece of sh1t human being. Her moms like 50 and act like 25year old floozy. The apple dont fall far from the tree i guess you could say! Never trust this skank.


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