Tabatha Sherman – Snitchopathic Rat

Tabatha Sherman – Snitchopathic Rat

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Tabatha Sherman a suicidal b1tch who has been to the mental institute more times than you can count for suicide attempts and drug overdoses but some how was still able to get a job with the citrus heights police as a snitch. There is paperwork floating all through the hood and she trys to surround herself with all the under cover cops out here everyone near or around her and on her social media is either a rat or undercover. Shes a troll and ilegally working for the cops to provide information that puts people in jail and she has to be on psych meds. This post should do the trick to expose her crazy snitching a55 and have the cops remove her from the list of people getting paid to ruin peoples lives when she doesnt even know her a55 from a hole in the ground. Watch out people.

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  1. Elena CalderonJuly 15, 2018 at 8:25 PM

    Haha Tabatha Sherman. This chick is a snitch from waaaaay back!!!!!! She’s also a bed Sh1tter. She pooped the sheets all over one of her boyfriends once. She also came out of paul wilts aka pops bathroom one time with a walmart bag tied in a knot and told the whole trailer she Sh1t her self and her underwear and pants were in the bag. Mandee Andree gave her some pants to change into. Whats with these police b1tches, sh1tting them selves repeatedly? How do you poop yourself repeatedly? You’d think after the first time you would be more careful. Wooooow. Dont come round me eeeeew.

  2. Kyle ShobergJuly 15, 2018 at 1:00 AM

    Heres Tabatha Shermans Snitch sisters dirty army post I found from 2011. Wow the whole family is no good. The comment thread says it all. I think her weirdo ass put her self on the dirty.

  3. Bryan GoreJuly 15, 2018 at 12:46 AM

    I forgot or neglected to mention the word on the street or through the undercovers and snitches about the burglury on the veterans center in citrus heights that Tabatha Sherman confessed to, to Officer Shoberg of the Citrus Heights Police and then the paper work hit the street was that it was an inside job from the Citrus Heights police and the under covers i heard that Shoberg had a guy on the inside who worked security at the veterans center when it was robbed and that the security gaurd also was instructed to leave the door unlocked for Tabatha to get in with who ever set up to snitch on when she confessed she did it so that they could generate a case on the girl Tabatha snitched on because they were after her husband and also they wanted to generate a high profile crime like that in the media and fake it to make it so they could get more Federal grant money I also heard the Security gaurd also secretly works for either Shoberg or the Citrus Heights police in general. I know the security gaurd was supposedly staying at undercover Debby Bradfords house around the time they set up the Veterans Center when debby was cought for having a dead body in her house and not reporting it right away. I guess debby was washing the body daily to keep the smell down and didnt want to report it cause she is a weirdo delux and a junkie and she thought she might lose the house as it belonged to the dead guy. Or so the story goes. And thats the type of stuff going on in citrus heights. Theese are the people that work for the cops in citrus heights and this what the cops are doing.

  4. Bryan GoreJuly 14, 2018 at 9:31 PM

    The police discovery for the case of who broke into and burglarized the Veterans center in citrus heights a few years back hit the streets and it Was Tabatha Sherman who confessed it was her and some other girl to officer Kyle Shoberg of the Citrus Heights Police Department and Officer Shoberg wrote, Tabatha said all this information and that she broke into the veterans center because she was high on meth and that when shes high on meth she does and says things she normally wouldnt do and she was never charged for the burglury and when she offered up this information to Officer Shoberg she was high and arrested on an unrelated possesion charge for meth and norcos. Burglury is an atutomatic felony strike and Tabatha who isnt credible at all was never charged and the other girl was. Officer Shoberg swept that under the rug and to this day the veterans center still has no closure on that case or knowledge it was solved and has never recieved restitution or nothing and im sure their insurance company would like to know as would the public. Also Tabatha Sherman works for police and provides information and is on payroll ilegal. Tabatha Sherman has been commited multiple times to a mental instatution for suicide attempts done by Drug overdose she has to be on psych meds to function in normal society and can not be credable as a whitness or provide any information that leads to the arrest of anyone. She can not legally work for the police or the government. And if Officer Shoberg had done his job properly he would have screened her and did a background check before taking her down and signing her up as a confiditional informant. This has also been brought to Officer Kyle Shobergs and other officers attention but they have tryd to ignore it and keep it a secret while still using her in police opperations instead of correcting it and bringing charges on her for the burglury and for falsifying legal court doccuments in order to work for the citrus heights police. I think people have a right to know this information and be given a chance to address it as it could lead to big problems for the city and police department and all cases generated through them and her and potentially cost the community and state millions in Law suits.. Thanks. Its also wrong and ilegal

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