Timothy R. Beard — Charming cheating lame garbage can loser

Timothy R. Beard — Charming cheating lame garbage can loser

THE DIRTY ARMY:This dirtbag spends every free moment gambling all his money he doesn’t have away at any opportunity he can possibly get. He’s the best narcissist sociopath you will ever meet, because you will never see that side of him face to face. He will wait until he’s got you completely believing his act to say he’s on his almost at your house to than just vanish off the face of the earth because some “different” pu55y shows his lame 55 some pu55y. He will become a solid role to your children and has no remorse while he lets you tell everyone you guys are together, just to humiliate you by showing the world that someone else was better than you and worth losing you over. He has no home-lives with his dad with no rent payment(he couldn’t have rent, gambling habit too expensive, drives an old pos Tahoe that his dad has to keep up on maintenance on because he’s too much of a pathetic lame to maintain brakes or tires for himself… and he wears women’s make up all over his arms because he has to hide his nasty needle marks and bumps that cover both arms from shooting his meth and all the misses. You’d think after 20 years of shooting meth, he’d be better at it, but nope. He sucks at it like he does everything else. Including getting it up when he decides he’s had enough drugs and porn to get him in the mood. He is a chaser. Always chasing the pu55y, online no deposit bonus codes, most vulnerable caring woman that can support his excessive food intake that he will contribute not a dime towards even when asked. Watch out ladies, his act is so good it’s pretty frightening. I guess that’s just how you become after 5 consecutive years in various California state prisons. Oh yeah, and he can’t even open a bank account because he accepted a bad check willingly so he could throw it away to some overseas casino that he can’t ever win on because he has so many different accounts with each casino he incontrovertibly throws away daily. He is on the market though… but watch out… he sleeps with whores And contracts various things such as drds(from the needles) etc. any woman’s dream right here.


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  1. Wise UpDecember 2, 2018 at 7:58 AM

    OP, you done f**ked up letting this POS around your children. And why did you not do an online background search the second you learned his name. Google probably would tell you all you need to know; if not spending a few bucks on something like Truthfinder would do it.
    And he’s not going anywhere; he’ll be calling, sweet talking you any day now.

  2. WtfNovember 17, 2018 at 7:03 PM

    Of course he’s a lying cheating POS, what did you expect dating a drug dealer?

  3. sNovember 16, 2018 at 1:26 PM

    that beer gut didnt tell u anything???