Tony Rodriguez Tuscano — Tony the disgusting rapist

Tony Rodriguez Tuscano — Tony the disgusting rapist

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Tony, your typical douche bag pos born from white trash parents. You can find him jumping on top of girls half his size sexually assaulting them even if they don’t want him near them. Who taught this pos to behave the way he did no one will ever know? I mean when you come from a trash family like him I guess it is kind of hard to avoid becoming complete garbage. He acts like he is God’s gift to woman but he’s just a piece of sh1t douche bag. Hopefully he sees this and changes his ways. It says he sells real estate now. I wouldn’t by real estate from this rapist!!

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  1. Shart masterMarch 23, 2019 at 6:22 PM

    Dude looks like Richard Simmons

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