Vicente Castillo of Sacramento

Vicente Castillo of Sacramento

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this piece of feces scum is named Vicente Castillo. He is a 38 year old male. He lives in south Sacramento with his parents. He’s been living with my Aunt and Uncle for three years. He has yet to give them a dime. He worked until he was fired from Lifescape Outdoors where he was roughly making up to 2k every two weeks, but not once since he live with my aunt and uncle has he handed out money. Whenever my Aunt asked him for money- which she is entitled to because it’s their home- he gives the excuse about him having to pay child support for three kids (which he lied about the amount).

He has bills to pay (which is only his cell phone bill and car note, but his car was repossessed the beginning of the year). You want to know where all that money he gets goes to? P4Ps found on craigslist, beer, meth (drug of choice) marijuana, Pepsi, his friends like Bobby Alverez who is a felon… They love to use each other.

He is also a snitch. He claims he is in a gang. The first time he went to jai,l he was already calling his parents to bail him out. He loves to scheme, scam, manipulate, talk sh*t about people, and snitch. His parents let him get away with being disrespectful and let him live here rent free. Charge my dad 600 to live with them, though. This guy can not be trusted.

When I think of males in Sactown… he is exactly what I picture in my mind.- nik

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  1. Dang son 916September 19, 2017 at 3:44 PM

    I bet this sorry mofo retard parents licks his ass crack and all. He not the only child or the youngest. He has three other siblings its a damn shame his parents treath this meth head like a king. My kid would not run game on me or his ass would be out. Better yet my son would not be pushing forty acting like a damn retard. Who the bigger retard him or his parents for letting this kid walk all over them. From what i hear. He dont even pay rent but brag about how fat his checks are then he spend it all on his hood booger friends bobby & paul alverez strolling down stockton look for meth and hookers.

  2. Lady leeSeptember 16, 2017 at 3:13 PM

    He goes out with my homegirl jackie. I knew somthing was off about him. He seems so fake

  3. hahahaSeptember 12, 2017 at 2:50 AM

    This is a meth heat at it finest. He still lives with his mom and dad, but calls himself an adult. He literally states this to his mom that he an adult while living under her roof. He thinks he has a job sincs he was fired from lifescape because he paid for a union training. He says he can see a liar from a mile away because he comes to his parents home lying dead to their faces everyday. He act hr actually believe because he pays 300 in child support he support a family. He honetly believe he supporting his parents when he hasnt paid a single bill in since he has live with his parents. Even when he was living with his girl they were living with her dad. He been at this for 10 years now. Vincente is living with his same man he call a child molester because he was molesting his own daughter. He even bought a minor to his parents house that he was messing around with. He was aware that she was 16. He also love to cheat on woman. This pos is a pos a bum

  4. Ramos the savSeptember 3, 2017 at 4:31 PM

    My first comment was misteriously deleted. Probably vicente reported it.
    Anyway i work with this stupid idiot at lifescape until he was fired. About time. We has way too many complaints with this this guy. From customers reporting damages on their property after he left , to reports of him driving the company truck to areas he wasnt suppose to be in stealing company tools. Not showing up to work majority of the time. Stealing money because he didnt have his license to drive company truck which paid an extra dollar above everyone else. He even place himself on workmans comp because she shot a nail gun through his hand. To the mananger he needes an extra week off work ended up going camping with his friends. He indulges in marijauna from time to time. But his drugs of choice is kystal meth, and coke.. he also made it seem like his house was his house until his parents came home and basically kick us out. After that we stop associating with him. Hell will talk mess about you than if you so happen to find out he’ll avoid you. He loves to bring his parents into his mess. He just a lazy pos

  5. Keep it realAugust 30, 2017 at 9:26 AM

    This guy is the worst. I met him my home girl who was she was 16. She told me she he took her to his parents house and had a smoke session he was fully aware of her age tge people in the house wasnt. Infact they didnt seem interested what was going on. They thought it was just another girl he known for bringing to his parents house. Guess he got what he wanted from her because he move on. He

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