Rachel Chittick — “The Girl Next Door” Makes A Come Back

Rachel Chittick — “The Girl Next Door” Makes A Come Back

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick is unbelievable… I’ve known her for 11 years and never had she personally done me dirty so I never thought what ended up happening… would actually happen… so Rachel moved home (Salem Massachusetts) from South Florida where she had a warrant for her arrest. She caused mayhem down in Florida and in Louisiana leaving a few men and a few woman mentally and emotionally scared from her. She had no place to live once she got back here so I graciously opened my house to her, not asking for anything in return other then her friendship and loyalty like I had for the prior 11 years…. 2 months go by and we were shooting dope and pepsi and meth and anything else Rachel could get her hands on… I wanted to desperately get sober and she claimed that she also wanted to get sober… but literally one hour of uncomfortability and she would be off and running again. Mind you, Rachel claimed to have a boyfriend whom she “was in love with” that was still in jail in Florida named Ben… Rachel, within the first month, slept with upwards of around 7 guys. And the second month, I know of 5 in one week, one of which included my, now EX FIANCÉ. Him and I had a great relationship before drugs, ran into some problems during drugs (and for him worst of all was alcohol). One day, about 2 weeks from the end, my then Fiancé showed up absolutely blackout drunk after going out with Rachel for the day, IN MY CAR, to get money from panthetic men who wanted 5 mins of attention from her. Anyways long story short, she fuked my now EX fiancé, while I was fuking sleeping in the next room, after purposefully getting him black out drunk for 2 weeks straight… all because she wanted it to be just me and her at my house. She used to tell me all the time how I’m “so much better then him” (which I know now that I am for damn sure!!!!) how he wasn’t good for me, how I can do so much better then him, she wished it was just me and her, it would be so much better if it was just me and her… and so on and so forth… she knew my ex was a raging alcoholic who couldn’t handle having just one drink, ever. He has one drink and goes on a bender. She knew if he kept drinking that I was going to kick him out and send him to Florida. The night that I told her and him, if he drank one last time, I was sending him away, she apparently came home with a half gallon of vodka for him. She even went so far as to SHOOT UP VODKA WITH HIM and then had sex with him while I was sleeping in the next room. I’m still so fuked up about this situation so I’m sorry if this is all over the place. She broke me completely. And as I sit here and write this; I’m checking myself into detox to try and better my life. As far as I know, Rachel has since gotten arrested for her outstanding warrant in Peabody MA. The night that I confronted her, she still tried to lie to me about it: she looked at me with a “shocked and disgusted” look on her face… she claimed that they “only felt each other up and I wouldn’t understand because I wasn’t there…” NO FUKING SH1T YOU DUMB A55 B1TCH NO SH1T I WASNT THERE!!! WTF!!! We all know Rachel is fuking stupid as all fuk… but I never knew how manipulative and mischievous she was capable of being. The girl literally couldn’t figure out how to unlock my front door… yet found a way to make me loath the only man I’ve ever been in love with… he clams it would have never happened if he was sober as she tried to fuk him on a few other occasions, before getting him drunk again… and one night she even texted him and asked him to come cuddle her cause I had fallen asleep out on the couch. This b1tch needs to be put down for good. Her ex Chris that attacked her via her own fb page, was not far from wrong at all and I believe him now that he never did anything to her that she claims happened as she freaked out when he stopped answering her and wouldn’t send her anymore money once he finally got over her…. she’s the worst person I’ve ever met in my god damn life and I hope this saves someone else from her wrath. Mind you, I never did anything to her. I took her in, gave her, her own bed to sleep in, my car to use when ever she wanted (even though that girl shouldn’t drive, ever!!! She popped one of my tiers while driving because she’s to stupid to follow a fuking gps!!! One day even drove all the way an hour in the wrong direction, cause she put a town past Boston instead of my town with my address and didn’t even realize she made the mistake till she got there… SHES FROM MASSACHUSETTS HOW STUPID IS SHE!!!???) god I really hope she just disappears and doesn’t hurt anyone else but that’s highly unlikely because bad people never die, they never disappear and they never stop. I don’t believe she will ever get sober and stay sober, I don’t believe she will ever stop hurting people even if the off chance she does get sober. She’s a sex addict, so that won’t stop. She even went so far as to hook up with my friend who had DRD, repeatedly, because he was there, and then said that he forced himself on her which was not the truth, I was there and I saw what really happened. I saw it all, and now I know the whole truth and nothing will ever change my mind about her again. SAVE YOURSELVES PEOPLE!!! Oh and she looks absolutely nothing like she used to, she looks like the ratchet, worn out, sloot, SLORE that she is.


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  1. Anonom5March 26, 2019 at 6:54 AM

    Where is she at now. I’m wondering.

  2. BatmanNovember 26, 2018 at 9:13 AM

    Yeah she had a boy. But he was born addicted to heroine so Children and Families took him and told her to get him back she would have to clean up.She would not go see him in the hospital so the States of Florida placed him in a foster home.

    • Captain AmericaDecember 18, 2018 at 12:32 PM

      Not true. Her doctor prescribed her to 4 roxy 30s a day, for acute back pain, which in turn gave the baby withdrawal symptoms when he was born and had to be put in the hospital for 2 weeks after he was born to make sure he was fine. The doctor that prescribed her these pills is now out of practice and his office is no longer in business because of how many girls he did this to. Rachel was not doing heroin while pregnant, just the roxys she was prescribed. Anyways, the baby was taken over hearsay and what happened to her really made her extremely depressed as all she ever wanted in her life was to become a mother and when that was takem from her, she lost her mind and THEN got very bad on opiates, trying anyway possible to numb the pain or even kill the pain.

      I know this because i was there with Rachel everyday throughout her pregnancy, her own baby’s father beating her and locking her in the closet,while she was pregnant. For no reason either. She was nothing but faithful and good to him. Rachel has been through a lot of things she didn’t deserve whatsoever but people just see it from the outside looking in and pass judgements/start rumors. What I’m telling you is in fact the truth though, the girl and I spent thousands of dollars getting ready for little Levi just to get him taken from us because of what a couple of evil people told DCF. So before you go around telling stories, make sure you have the correct one. I am a first hand witness of the TRUTH. The devastating truth of what happened to Rachel. What broke her and made her hopeless. Don’t make things worse for people guys. Build people up. Don’t try and bring them down more. Please. It’s just not right and it’s what leads people to suicide. No-one deserves that.

  3. sadNovember 7, 2018 at 5:21 PM

    didn’t she have a baby?

    • AnonymousNovember 20, 2018 at 11:09 AM

      Yeah, She did. The baby got taken away because he was born addicted to heroine. The States of Florida gave her and the baby’shower daddy Ben to get help and they would return the baby to them. But neither would even go visit the baby in the hospital. So he was placed in a foster home.

  4. IcepilotOctober 29, 2018 at 9:05 AM

    Where is her family?She left Florida and went back to Boston but didn’t go home to her family. What gives.

    • Captain AmericaDecember 18, 2018 at 12:35 PM

      Yes she did go back to her family lol…

  5. RhondaOctober 14, 2018 at 12:17 AM

    My boyfriend cheated on me with her while she was in FL. They were stealing checks and cashing them just to stay high. Pathetic!

  6. AnonomousSeptember 10, 2018 at 6:05 AM

    I knew her when she lived here in Pensacola,Didn’t know it was that bad.

  7. AnonomousSeptember 10, 2018 at 6:03 AM

    That is incredible.Wow…

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