Adrian Soto — Cheating Woman Better Pervert Snitch!!!

Adrian Soto — Cheating Woman Better Pervert Snitch!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: He beat his wife!! His side chick is obsessed with his wife! She follows his wife everywhere! She needs to understand he will never claim that slore!! She’s desperate and insecure! She harasses his wife everyday!! He’s ashamed of his home wrecker!! He denies her to the ground! I’m sure it’s because she is always obsessed with his wife! That’s like crazy sh1t!! She is a pathetic insecure little girl with no morals! She is not a woman! Sh1t! I don’t blame him for being embarrassed of her!! I actually feel sorry for her! I heard she does animals. She claims he is going to marry her! She likes to photo crop pictures and has some sick delusion! Go to a mental hospital! My husband will NEVER CLAIM YOU TO MY FACE! He WILL NEVER ADMIT HE WANTS YOU SICK SLORE!!! And she slept with all his friends! And talks about his brothers next!! What a sad shame! STOP STALKING ME!! JEZZABEL!! Your disgusting!!! Flake scared slore! She has been called out and never shows up!! Scary A55!!! Slore!!!! She even threatened to post horrible lies about me! The worst part is! She threatened to have my innocent children RAPED!! That’s so horrible! I feel sorry for Adrian!!

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  1. HahaTrolloOctober 28, 2018 at 10:58 PM

    Haha you look pathetic for writing this, lady. Your husband sleeps with someone else and you’re talking bad about the sids piece like you arent pathetic for allowing it.

  2. DuhDudeOctober 13, 2018 at 7:47 PM

    So who is this really about? The slore sleeping with your man… or your man?