Andrew Rey of San Antonio

Andrew Rey of San Antonio

Watch out “girls with low self worth.” Andrew Rey has no money, no ambition, no career. Yes, will stay at your place days upon end, making you think he is such a poor, sad, helpless, depressed guy. Because his baby momma is “such a b*tch.” In reality, she is doing everything in her power to provide the best atmosphere for her precious child. What is so daunting about telling the truth? Can’t hack it? You’s a punk.

His alter ego will make you think he is the best you’ve ever known. Sweet and caring and somewhat of a big deal. Don’t mind him. He loves to Spend time with his buddies who never gave a damn about his real life events. Things that matter. Like having a child. Family, God, faith, and success. He won’t make any time for his son because he is too busy spending what little money he has on booze. And not his own flesh and blood. Yes, because the SA music scene is more important than providing shelter, clothing, food, and love for his own adorable baby BOY. Who his mother so graciously gave him his first and last name to. But why? Reynosa will just run to the next thing that gets his Greg hard.

Do you feel special? Yes you should because he puts you first and not his kid. Way tah go! A “daddy” to finally care about you. He will say it’s because these females really care about him. The thot that boosts his ego with booze, sex, and drugs will be a temporary high really does give a sh*t! Oh boy, what a future. Do it. People of no self worth deserve to occupy each other’s time. He is the company he keeps. He doesn’t want to hear the reality of this poor choices on his lifestyle. Saying the ugly truth is just him thinking you’re putting him down. Just cause he has a Greg doesn’t mean Andrew Reynosa is a man. #satxlocalmusicscene #badheart. @rey5408 #andrewrey #musicman #deadbeats

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