Anthony Grizzly Hollemann the abuser/liar/flake

Anthony Grizzly Hollemann the abuser/liar/flake

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy lied to his band mates in Stahl Gorthorl to move to Arizona with him from San Antonio Texas claiming he had a studio set up to make an album, convinced his band mates to plan tour’s, then once they moved to Arizona he abandoned both of them and they ended up homeless and he moved back to San Antonio Texas. His girl friend Ariel confessed to many of her friends and other former band mates that he beats her relentlessly and that if she ever tried to leave him he would kill her and she is very afraid for her life. Before he abandoned his bandmates in Arizona he was fired from his security guard job for being caught jacking off on his post and he was caught by a superviser watching pornhub with his pants undone in his car. He is working as a security guard in San Antonio but he plan’s on moving to the L.A. county area in California and trying to get a job in the area joining the national guard or the LAPD.

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  1. LanaJanuary 9, 2019 at 12:15 PM

    Can confirm this is true! Who the hell gets a cat and abuses it for peeing because the little box is full & hasn’t been clean for weeks.
    Because they’re lazy stereotypes. The cat is in an unhealthy condition underweight to the point of seeing bones. And he’s not fixed. But those dumasses thought the cat was a girl when clearly it’s a boy because you can see his genitaly dangling.
    And I actually have screenshots of his friends throwing him under the bus about him abusing his girlfriend & holding her at gunpoint etc etc.

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