Daniel Northern — Income tax predaror

Daniel Northern — Income tax predaror

THE DIRTY ARMY: He prays on women w kids n has kids w them for income tax. He got caught CHEATING on social media sending naked pics to random girls on pof, n tries to hook up w girls on my space while hes working out of town. I have screen shots of all this . He got caugjt n turned around n tbrew all my closet away n stole my kids beds n gave the to his sisster that i baught them w income tax. He made me buy him a gold chain that he later pawned n loss n order to pay the light. He will make sure all the bills are n your name so that he can run free w no bills. He took the family vehicle i baught for income tax n is now hiding it cause he doesnt want loan star title loan to find it n pick it up he wont pay the loan. Right after me two weeks later he jumped into another realationship w no remorse. We have a cps case cuz of all our fighting in which he will not attend classes or see his baby. I found out after the lady who has our kids that they too fooled aroud him saying round two n her saying hes to young n him saying come on n take me out to eat. Hes screwed up n the head. He has hundreds of teen porn on his pne that look like little middle school girls. He has five kids n which none of the babies moms want him to c the kids. Thats how screwed up he has it w them. Be careful hes a lieing coniveing income tax thief. He will take u for all u got.


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  1. What?December 10, 2018 at 4:26 PM

    Ahhhhh…. ok, you are really that pathetic to put your business out there? You deserve it!

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