Francesca Garcia — Slootty Wife

Francesca Garcia — Slootty Wife

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to start Francesca is a total sloot after her husband did not want put his big boy pants on and be a husband and take care of his kids and wife he left her Francesca became the biggest sloot to be known. And it does not end there she went to a party and had sex with her friend’s father and when the mother took the father to court she got Francesca involved so Francesca told her entire family that she had to go to court to take care of a speeding ticket. She fuked her co-workers from work she even had sex with my own cousin and possibly is carrying his baby at this moment but try to fix everything with her husband because she does not want her husband to know everything that see if it’s done she’s giving head to multiple guys gone home kissed her husband she let guys finish inside of her and then let her husband eat her out now that is a nasty b1tch now she doesn’t want to admit to her husband that the baby is possibly not his and it belongs to my cousin she complains and complains how she hates her marriage and she’s only in it because they have a child together her husband is a child for the longest time he did not want to get a job he believed in playing video games 24/7 while she worked while pregnant here’s a word of advice Francesca don’t screw over your friends because then we stab you in the back and put all your information out there but hey guys whoever is reading this she’s real easy just tell her how pretty she is buy her a nice purse and so give it up quick

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  1. ;*September 13, 2018 at 1:43 PM

    So he left her and the baby and she isn’t allowed to hoe around? What kind of friend are you lol

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