Hailey leeann — Butter face

Hailey leeann — Butter face

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nick this is Hailey she’s a nasty fat sloot. Her and her sister serenity have been passed around our whole crew sad thing is she thought she would be part of the crew if she gave us some pu55y that’s as far as this girl goes home boy said next time we should put a bag over her face. Nik she mad cause she can’t be in the crew but she wants to have her sister start shit with my girl over some bullsh1t well here you go Hailey now San Antonio can know all about how you suckin d1ck for five dollar blunts. East side hoes man just like they mama


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  1. LilGirlsMindSets16September 20, 2018 at 12:05 AM

    This is the most foolish thing I’ve read. Say, Nik who has ” crews ” there’s people out here dying everyday. And male or female want to beef over social media. Sounds like someone got a a55 woopin to their back side. I bet that taught them a lesson. What you need to do is get some education instead of running your mouth. Your not about that life, and isn’t for you. Ove seen two or three girls roll up on my youngest and my oldest and yet still handled buisness. Like they don’t go looking for trouble if you don’t want none, cause sometimes trouble will find you!!! And you got that right this is their mama, but you won’t show your face it’s a good idea to stay behind that screen. Cause, this running mouth game is for only loud mouths, with no bite. It’s simple stay in your lane while we continue to stay blessed and rising to the top. So, put up or shut up. And most definetly don’t ever let me find who you are cause, I’m sure we have already dealt with ya. But, you has to express your feeling for 3 comments . Sweet child you need Jesus ! You need a prayer, so ima pray for ya. Cause GOD don’t like ugly . KARMA is a MF, so just hope and pray one day no one puts you out there or your little crew. Lol I’m out Nik

    • Ya moms a hoeJanuary 10, 2019 at 7:22 PM

      Well u raised a hoeeeeee is her father a bulldog u probs dont know who her dad is anyway instead of replying teach ur daughter how to respect herself maybe she dont respect herself cuz u dont respect urself ma

  2. tapout75August 21, 2018 at 11:43 PM

    Someone needs to be a friend and tell her that taking selfies and showing your sink and some cheap dollar tree towel as a dress doesnt cut it.. Might want to look up Karl Lagerfield for advice!

  3. SpaghettihoeJuly 19, 2018 at 4:22 AM

    More like Hailey queef hahahaha innocent animals don’t need to die for fat hoes like this to drape themselves in. Lord bless this child looks like she’s got a stuck up spoiled mentality but she’s living off section 8, food stamp. That bull dog face is only something a mother could love. Poor girl looks like a turtle. I’m sorry you’re a food stamp baby Hailey