Heather McLaggin the home wrecker slore

Heather McLaggin the home wrecker slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi! Meet Heather MCLaggin who is from New Braufels and works out of San Marcos & San Antonio Tx as a floozy. This woman had a office In San Marcos and is now in San Antonio TX. She is responsible for problems in my marriage. My husband is a male whore too! This woman has been floozying herself and she’s married claiming to be a single parent. I have been doing my research after a while back I noticed some weird credit card charges come out of our account that were not normal for us. He finally cracked and told me he’s been sleeping with this woman. He’s been paying her for sex since I am cancer written at this time. She’s on [redacted] as a slore. He has since stopped seeing her. Ladies beware of your men. I have called the police on her if anyone knows more on her please advise so I can make all the necessary reports. I know she had a office in San Marcos and left . My hisnusaid she’s in San Antonio in airport area teamed up with another slore. I will continue to dig since she has zero respect neither will I . I want our mid-spent money back. My cancer treatments need it more than your weak as crotch.


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  1. ThorshammerOctober 25, 2018 at 6:03 AM

    I’ve seen this girl. She would tell me she was going to leave her husband as soon as she was able to put enough money aside. She was tired of him not satisfying her. Talked very badly about him. I know they have kids together too. Pretty f$cked up to be hoeing around while your husband works out if town. She wanted me to be her sugar daddy. Of course I hinted yes but just to get a piece from her. Not worth the time.

  2. TheManYouLuv2HateOctober 23, 2018 at 11:55 PM

    Sorry you’ve had to deal with such a scum bag and sorry excuse for a man. So many little boys (regardless of age) front as men but fall short when their actions speak louder than their words. Stay positive and fight that C off you’ll find someone that deserves you soon. If not come give me a shot :) Keep your chin up

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