John Williams — Northeast fuk boy

John Williams — Northeast fuk boy

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is John Williams and older man known for constantly hitting on random women. Despite the fact that this guy is old af and married with multiple children he continues to sleep with other women and cheat on his wife. From the word going around he’s still Messing around with a chick named Erin whose a store clerk at the corner store “nooners” right around the corner from where he lives with his wife and kids. He constantly lies and deceives he’s been caught up with multiple women at one time and doesn’t use condoms. The girl Erin is a supposed hoodrat also and a deadbeat mom from what I hear who knowingly has DRD  But hasn’t told anyone Erin is big sloot around that area and she’s extremely dirty so there’s no telling what John night have from her. Keep clear of this guy and fellas the chick at nooners gas station with the tattoos be aware of her. They are both nasty af and have no respect for themselves or their families. You have been warned

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  1. gdpiNovember 6, 2018 at 6:15 PM

    Tell us which Nooners convenience store in SA. That way, we can be on the lookout.

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