Joyce Badillo of San Antonio

Joyce Badillo of San Antonio

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this b*tch Joyce Badillo is always posting about being blessed and pushing god onto others when she gets all f**ked up on crack at the bars while her kids are at home with no food or toilet paper to wipe their asses. Dead ass serious. This b*tch can’t even afford toilet paper. Loves to sit around and gloat about how she steals silverware from buffets and how she steals napkins, handsoaps, etc from restaraunts she goes to. Both of her kids have some kind of mental illnesses, but does she care? No. She’s too busy finding her next victim at the bars she frequently goes to. Catch her at Mustang Sally’s on the south side, mostly. It’s not hard to miss her either, her teeth are all broke. She’s staying with her mom right now, though, because she has nowhere to go. So if any men wanna take her in she ain’t good for much, she doesn’t clean sh*t, and she can’t cook. She can open beers for you, though. Shes also technically still married because she can’t afford a divorce. Her mom’s bank account cannot handle all of that. If you run into her at the bar and you plan to go home with her, bring toilet paper with you, otherwise she’ll just tell you to wipe your ass with her 3 month old crusty makeup wipes.

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  1. Harpoon fat chickzOctober 4, 2017 at 1:32 PM

    Is she crossing the border in that pic?
    Hope they build , The USA keeps getting fatter and uglier every time a fat beaner crosses over. She looks like she shaves that upper lip.