Justin Decker — Lying ,Cheating, Porn Addicted Drug Addict

Justin Decker — Lying ,Cheating, Porn Addicted Drug Addict

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is justin decker or JD he is a lying sorry excuss for a man. He nakes women think that he loves them and that he’s there too be different than their past relationships he reels them in and then uses everything against them and eventually leaving them homeless he’s done this to every girlfriend he’s ever had except for one who f***** him over but now I see why. He tries to talk to all his friends girlfriends I’ve caught him numerous times talking to girls that his friends have already slept with or been with. He loves to do anything to make a woman feel like they’re worthless, he takes whatever they have especially if they’re vulnerable and then or and never gets it back. Every Woman he’s ever been with who has children he make sure that they don’t ever see them he secludes the women that he is with so that they feel dependent that they need him. He claims to sell drugs but he’s always broke and all he ever does is smoke his mess all day locked in a bathroom and made videos of himself doing things their repulsing and then saving the videos I’m guessing for himself to watch later. He can’t be trusted, he’s so fat he selfish and doesn’t care who he takes from and then lies about it. Him and his sister have a super weird relationship where she would tell him it’s either her or his girlfriends or she and if he didn’t stay then she would kill herself. Is she uses his nephew against him and he acts like that’s his son instead of his nephew and the kid looks exactly like him. Rumors rumors are that they got drunk and made the baby and that’s why she’s so possessive over him and doesn’t want him to be with anybody but around her. This guy has left women literally without anything it made him have to do things that they didn’t want to because he’s excluded them from family and friends so they have to do it he tell them that they are a waste of space and then acts like he’s their father and tells them that it’s their behavior that is making him do these things to them. Every woman needs to watch out for this guy he’s a sociopath and if you allow him he will ruin your life and those that are in your life like your family friends and children. Mess is a hell of a drug.



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  1. gdpiNovember 6, 2018 at 6:25 PM

    Why is this guy wearing a wig?