Juvenal Favila — Can’t Quit Being A Player

Juvenal Favila — Can’t Quit Being A Player

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is the second post for Juvenal Favila aka Jay. I’m putting his original post at the end of this. So first of all I was unfortunate to have been in a relationship with this player, he comes off as a nice guy, but it’s all lies. I bet the story of why he got dishonorably discharged from the Army was probably a lie as well. I found out through one of his conquests that contacted me directly, that he was on pof and was actively trying to meet woman there. When we started to go out he showed me in person how he deleted the page (he obviously reactivated his account soon after). Here’s a few facts you should know if you date him: – 37 year old man with teenagers living at home with his parents. According to him, this is the second time. – Will send pictures of his d1ck to any woman. The woman who shed light on his infidelity showed me his texts. – He will date taken women and once he scratched his name on a cabinet between the pool and the woman boyfriend’s man cave. Total a55hole move…smh – Horrible with his personal finances. During most of the time we were together he never had money to pay for stuff. I would end up paying, which at first I didn’t think it would be that bad, but it started to add up. I even gave him money for gas the last time he came up to see me. – If confronted about his infidelity he will shut down and avoid you and run away. All I leave you with is that if you date him beware, he is a repeat cheater and liar. Good luck! To see his first one from 2013 follow this link.


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  1. getjiggy24August 24, 2018 at 11:50 PM

    looks like he better hurry up and play, his receding hair line is showing! lol!