Mary Corona — Ghetto Gross Hoe

Mary Corona — Ghetto Gross Hoe

THE DIRTY ARMY: This skank thinks shes hot lmao, looks like a ghetto gross stinky hoe to me. will sleep with anyone for attention.keep her away from your man. she will open her nasty legs to anyone, has no morals dosent give a fuk about anyone but herself stay away from this hoe.

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  1. catwomanNovember 5, 2018 at 3:24 PM

    she looks nasty and ghetto I’m sure her kids arent taken care of I used to work with her and her sister . I feel sorry for all her I think 4 kids .they look like they dont take a bath and look negaicated she is a bissh and messed around with all the guys at work even the ugly ones .

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