Sociopathic Liar… Michael Horton Ortiz

Sociopathic Liar… Michael Horton Ortiz

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Well, first of if you see this loser keep away . dontt believe a word this motherf*cker says . u claims to be a “firefighter” lmao . and thats a damn lie . DONT BELIEVE IT … He also lives off people and make u feel sorry for him ! … He carries around a fire fighter t shirt from who knows where he got it . but if u get a hold of it . burn it lmao and if he doesnt have it on . trust me he has it in his lil sh1tty bag he carries around with him .. He dont have sh1t to call his own. He will also steal from u so make sure u keep ur wallets close . he is a pathetic loser . trust me when I say he is worthless and will never be anything in life …. He has a facebook under Michael Godzgift … Claims and lies about being a firefighter on there as well .. Its truly sad because im not sure if he is just not all there or just truly believes his own lies .. Anyways im just pre warning everyone in SA if u come across this loser . please know. Anything and everything that he does or comes out of his mouth is a lie .

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  1. The HulkMay 14, 2018 at 12:43 AM

    I know this man. He’s a firefighter but he’s a player. I know the girl he was with and she bashed him because he dumped her and moved on… He is in fact a firefighter for the US Army. The girl who bashed him .. Her name is Francis Lerma

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