Pete A Man Slore Who Has A Double Life At Night — Pete Quiroz

Pete A Man Slore Who Has A Double Life At Night — Pete Quiroz

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nick this sorry excuse of man ia the best investigator hell find anything about you..but the tables turned… Let me introduce you to this man whore Pete Quiroz he slepted with 2 of my friends before. We got together together and had sex with my cousin and best friend when we broke up.but getting back at him now. He’s already contracted DRD’s loves fuking anything that walks. He always needs that high from 4 drugs he does. Can’t keep a job or car ever since he went to drugs poor kid. But you think living a double would be hard but not for him.hes an average slump all day but at night hes one of many guys on san antonio escorts.and other cities lets not blast them But he goes by xander.his profile page is private. From what I saw he isnt running it its someone else and they forward the emails its either caution 210 or mijo24 or babyboy 21.

he’s been doing it for many yrs but only does it if he needs the cash and is always out of town in September and November.but has his “fancy clothes” in storage or a friend has them but is a whole new person the look and attire talk about double life .why couldnt you dress like that from the photos on your drive.he has a lot photos and videos of him and another guy dancing on stage At parties pete/xander has 2 emails of which shows money being transferred in different accts. Now I know why you never asked for the money back when I borrowed well I dont feel bad for transferring 780 into my acct. But why broke? oh wait I forgot double life and don’t wanna do escorts for guy’s.but like that email said its more money. Ladies and gentlemen/gays you want him take him. But does the best foreplay I know before sex after an hr I can’t anymore all those drugs in him he can go at it after hes done.but he is the biggest player and loves playing hard to get or only when he wants it.but you’ll wait a while just see his waiting list. His passcode to his phone is 1960. If ur lucky enough to get a hold it. best time is when hes on drugs and drunk! he always blacks out but informs you he is passing out or blacking out, and after that easy access. He wont remember a thing, I already tested him a few times and its all clear after he tells you.last thing when’s he’s passed out hes gone he won’t wake up for a noise or touch.. You know if your into role play rape take advantage when hes asleep he doesnt like being touched at all not even in bed b because of his past. Next time dont open your phone when you blackout. That’s when your screts come out. Glad were officially done.lo siento papi como tu siempre dijiste karmas una voy a hacer lo que siempre haces agarra una silla y espera a que esa perra toque a mi puerta

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  1. AngelicaJuly 13, 2018 at 3:22 PM

    What is his information.I have been trying to get a hold of him! I’ve heard many stories about this young man and what he can do.I need him in my professional field of work.