Reggie Grimes Rhymes — Ratchet Rachel

Reggie Grimes Rhymes — Ratchet Rachel

THE DIRTY ARMY:  So this chick literally just left my house we fuked for two blunts and my four loco ?? cuz why am I gonna break off a floozy before I make myself out to be dumb I’m not I’m just nice the bitch started crying about getting methed up with her ex and how she ain’t ate food in awhile and she’s been hustling and blahh blahh long story short don’t trust this nasty bitch she just gave me and 3 of my homies DRDS not to mention she gave one of them DRD weeks ago I wasn’t aware everyone already hit it but none of us even know if she’s gotten treated so she’s blocked off the squad d1ck lol she can smell the drugs on you lol so if you run into her hide yo sh1t and act like you broke cuz she’s living with her ex who let’s her slang pu55y and draws some ugly sh1t all over her and himself lol I was supper disappointed with her fake a55 booty sh1t like that is not a booty it’s some saggy Hank hill cheeks mostly like she got back but no ass cheeks lol don’t get me started on her moobies some lil fat boy looking a55 like fr gross af I’d fuk the Amanda Doo Doo chick over hitting that nasty sh1t again here are her nudes she sent to me and several of my homies lol hopefully she gets her niggah mica to pay for her DRD pills lol cuz he’s gonna need them too

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  1. TigreDecember 9, 2018 at 8:40 PM

    Unlike the OP I wouldn’t brag about hitting that.

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