Aaron East – Big Star To Be Is….Nothing But A Sleezy Moocher

Aaron East – Big Star To Be Is….Nothing But A Sleezy Moocher

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies beware! Verbal abuse, Lies and manipulation are all you will find here. He will charm you with his music and talent. Upon meeting, he will seem quiet while pretending to have morals stricktly about cheating and family. He will then slowly start pointing out your flaws and cutting you down as a person to feel superior. While doing so he will claim he spent all his money pay check to pay check on bills and began requesting money for necessities from you. Your number one in his book. Litterally, he will call you 30 times a day or text questioning your where about, who your with, what your doing. Everything you do is a negative and you begin questioning yourself and who you are as a person. You will be to blame for all his discrepancies, failures, etc. Not just you, virtually anyone who denys what he wants or is around when he fails. This prick is a no good drug addict that is like a leach and will inevitably destroy your love and like ability. He hides his mental disorders by lying and pointing out everything wrong and everyone else to deflect his own image.

When he meets you he will lie about his entire life. he will tell you that he’s starting his own business and in the process he is going to be working with his mom to take over her own business as a student driving instructor. he will tell you that he does not do drugs at all but then slowly incorporate them into your relationship. He will tell you that his credit score is an 800 and that he makes $60, 000 a year which is bullshit because I did his taxes. He will say that he’s only living at home right now to help out his parents which is a blatant lie. This man did laundry for a living. his credit score is well in the lower six hundreds and is never reach to 780 in his life. The show you pictures of his beautiful ex girlfriend from Coronado which he actually stole online. getting down to the dirt this little boy moved into my house feeding me nothing but lies about his character and where he was in life. Upon moving into my house he never offered to make payment for rent nor did I ever request for him to move to move in. Finally after 5 months I demanded payment and apparently on his behalf there was a miscommunication which was every excuse thereafter as to why he never paid. he would follow me around in my house and hold me captive making claims of me dressed up underneath the clothes that I was actually wearing to go out to a club……. When asked to leave he would refuse to leave. If you actually do get him out he will be back. he intentionally leaves his belongings at your house knowing that he will have to come back for them. If you hold the belongings is collateral he will agree to the terms due to the moral obligation and then immediately show up with his tweaker family harassing you at all hours of the night. It doesn’t matter if you have children or not. In his eyes he comes before everyone. he would attempt to steal the attention away from my child from any way possible you to interrupt my child from reading so that he could say his peace. Everything is on his time so don’t intend on it ever getting anywhere literally and metaphorically. And each life term of Crisis or even just a simple roadblock his only suggestion to help out would be to call his mother. If I had breast cancer I was supposed to call his mother. while getting kicked out because he could not afford rent I was supposed to call his mother. His final suggestion was for me and my child and my dog to all move into the tent into his backyard of his mother’s house where his disabled brother lives is crackhead brother his mentally disabled father and is mentally disabled Uncle who also lives in a tent in the backyard uses the backyard as his toilet and shares a common space now with Aaron East. every single time of Aaron does not get what he wants he will blatantly make up lies it attempts to make you feel guilty just so he could get back in don’t fall for it. Like I said in the beginning I’ll make you think that you’re number one to the point that you’re being suffocated and held captive. He will spy on you or send his family to spy on you. he will try to call your family members and friends behind your back and create a report by telling them how concerned he is for your well-being. If you ever had an ex boyfriend kill yourself now because you are not allowed at the age of 35 to have ever dated anyone previously to Aaron East he doesn’t want to hear about it he doesn’t want to think about it and it better not even be true. Aaron’s band burning up is actually quite good. however it’s a shame that all of that Talent is nothing but a waste do to Aaron East being the singer. And ladies watch out he gave me DRD. , If you looked up a sociopath in the dictionary there would be a picture of Aaron East. Ladies please run the opposite way if he’s coming in your direction. He is nothing more than a leech who is so selfish, conceited, irational and emotionally unstable. He will bring no good into your life and by all means attempt to destroy it in the process. When he sits down and watches you lose everything is only suggestion would be having you moving to his mothers so he can keep you under his thumb….. Run.


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  1. IdiotsAugust 7, 2018 at 4:59 AM

    He’s an ugly a55 loser. No game. Not even talented. He’s a little white d1ck joke. They clown this fool hard. I’ve been in sd music scene as a graphic artist for nearly 15 years. You learn quite a bit in the studio when your a quiet, known for not being snitch and taking charges, cause you know, you’ll get out of them due to white privilege. That’s a G. Learn something. I’m on my way out. I’m about to light the city on fire leaking all the snitches and fake a55 rappers. I’ve got it all. You’re all fucced.

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