Andy Tamez- Not Telling The Truth

Andy Tamez- Not Telling The Truth

THE DIRTY ARMY: So I haven’t frequented this site for a while, and I went on it and noticed a few posts about Andy Tamez and realized that he looks very familiar. Now reading the posts I was shocked at how much of a sleeze he sounds like from what people have mentioned. I kept reading on how he has erectile dysfunction and requires viagra to have sex with the girls. I realized he was very familiar because I had talked to him before and performed oral on him. The only difference between the other girls and I was that I am a dude. Now I have proof in emails that he sent with his name and photo. He wrote that he was discreet and when I met up with him. We had oral sex and then he told me to “delete the emails, because I have a girlfriend.” So I am not sure if he is bisexual or a closeted gay man who is trying to scam all these women. So women, beware….He had no problem getting it up for me, no pill needed.

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  1. M.V.December 24, 2018 at 4:19 AM

    “I’m very discreet” is about Andy’s only line! He is definitely a closeted gay man, I performed oral on him also, and he told me the same thing, ‘Delete the emails and my pics, I have a girlfriend”.

    I guess he hides his true sexuality behind a veil of ‘girlfriends’/women….And no, he didn’t need any Viagra to get it up with me, so his erectile problems must only be around the women he tries to scam.

  2. J.D.March 26, 2018 at 4:33 AM

    So, Nik’s gone, now? There’s no longer any commenting on the posts.