Ashley Whyte of Escondido

Ashley Whyte of Escondido

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I met this girl Ashley Whyte in early February 2017. We moved in rather fast after I realized she worked pretty hard and went through some sh*t I’d gone through recently. We decided let’s try moving in together….. ( little did I know she ended up saying that to a lot of guys). Well, she went from saying she only wanted to get away from her family and find herself in the MeanTime while creating a Family. I ended up finding a diary of all her recent hookups so apparently……”Meantime” meaning was the clap….. Watch out because i fell for the cute innocent girl. And I’m an idiot… Dont let her near you without a test. Please edit out my face if possible

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  1. Ashley whyteMay 13, 2018 at 11:44 AM

    Ohhhhhh jeff this is cute lmao! Sorry you were too much of a little bitch to take out break up like a real man. Why don’t you tell everyone also on the internet how you threatened my family, threatened harm against yourself.. pretty much you’re a psycho. It’s funny that I’ve never had an STD but I gave you the clap? Maybe you should go ask your little hoe Gigi why she’s spreading her leafs to you passing out stds

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