Jason Cestaro Former Sleazy bar manager now sells cars

Jason Cestaro Former Sleazy bar manager now sells cars

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m Maggie Gallegos and I heard of this guy by two Woman that are very close dear friends. They tell me this guys no good. A sleaze bag. And sleeps with Woman to seal a deal. He ran two bars in West Hollywood. One he got fired from I’m told Den of Hollywood.. Then cops shut down Libertine Sunset because of illegal activity. He got involved too in a small to go place called Smoke City. He failed at that and got into a big Court battle. Now he sells cars. Mercedes in San Diego. Instead of moving on. He’s still screwing people over. This guy never at all change. Would I buy a car from this piece of sh1t. Certainly not. Do you think would on someone I’m told. Fuks people in the a55. He’s I’m told by two Woman friends got with a chick name Lauren. Only to just use her for money. Look at all the pix I will post. He’s with different Woman. And he’s had sex with all of them. Buying a car is a big investment. A car is an investment you want to make big on. Not buy into a lemon Don’t get screwed by this guy. Trust me. He sounds like a real piece of sh1t.


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  1. DonOctober 30, 2018 at 12:12 AM

    Sally G K. Ahhhgh it’s true. He used a Woman for her money. Anette from The Den and Libertyne told Krissy and Michael that. Anette worked for Jason. She knows. And she the 1 that got Vice to constantly raid Libertyne. She’d tell us everything.

  2. LotusXTCOctober 27, 2018 at 3:28 AM

    So everything u said is hearsay. You heard these things and one day youre like.. Im gonna post this guy on the dirty and ruin his life based on rumors youve heard? So this guy nailed 2 of your friends in the booty and they told you he is a meanie right? Honestly why did you waste our time with tjis? LoL

    • Tin ManNovember 20, 2018 at 5:47 PM

      Do you ever think… Maybe it is true…. And he don’t want people to know….

      Krissy says he pals around in a few gay bars… With Gay guys… And a guy that worked for Jason at Libertyne says he saw a drunk guy kiss Jason on the lips. And Jason wasn’t mad. Most strait guys in a strait bar be pissed…. Right….

      So bro… Reply to that. Ok…

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