Meet Dr. Reza Tirgari the Sadistic Owner of Avalon Laser

Meet Dr. Reza Tirgari the Sadistic Owner of Avalon Laser

THE DIRTY ARMY: If you can please expose this man. My dear friend had been through hell these passed years. From domestic abuse, losing multiple children, to getting attacked and violated whyll at her office. Even through this ,she was still always positive and optimistic. Her ex used to rip her apart for her looks, (shes a former model and truly beautiful.) Unfortunately she couldnt see anything but the past and went to Dr. Tirgari at Avalon Laser in downtown. Shed been saving for years for lipo, she was so excited. She truly believed in this man and hes obliterated her. She woke up during the procedure multiple times, this has traumatized her all she can say is “i kept screaming and he just would talk about how pretty I was going to be and he just kept stabbing me”. She was made to sit in her own piss. He had no anethisiaologist which she was unaware of and couldnt even give her the common decency to ensure she was clean. The worst part her poor stomach looks disgusting. It honestly nauseating to look at. Shes also somehow 2 sizes bigger now and its only been a week. Not to mention the amount of holes he put into her, her belly button looks like it may rot off. She had over 9 holes put into her stomach. This is unheard of!! Currently shes under 24 hour suicide watch. We all are worried. She hasnt eaten or slept, shes inconsolable, the spark she had is gone, shes giving up. Between what he did to her in surgery, to how he left her body, to the pain of her poor infected punctured skin, Im truly afraid Ive lost my friend. To be hurt again and by a doctor. I did research and found out this isnt Dr. Tirgari first time, he’s on ripoff report with over 8 cases filed against him. He got in trouble for firing an employee because she looked into what he was using as was telling his clients it was botox. Which it was not. Dr. Reza Tirgari and Avalon Laser San Diego is dangerous and disgusting. Dr. Tirgari is an overglorified dermatologist who cant take accountability.

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  1. Paula pinnickMay 14, 2018 at 9:31 PM

    Yes you are so right. I can’t believe he made me deformed as well. I’m looking into a lawyer as well. He really is sadistic. I woke up a few times during my procedure as well

    • DoneJune 5, 2018 at 6:58 AM

      Hey I’m so sorry. He’s even put me on here. I imagine because I can’t be bought, he knows he almost killed me, and he’s a perverted sociopath He is truly sick. I’m gathering all the women. We are stronger together. Especially against this ass hat.

  2. LexiApril 13, 2018 at 6:24 PM

    Of course she is two sizes bigger only a week post op. It takes months for all the swelling to go down.