Merilee Page – I Hate Lies, Games, Drama, My Daughter Is More Mature Than Me

Merilee Page – I Hate Lies, Games, Drama, My Daughter Is More Mature Than Me

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well I have been seeing this girl for 4 years. While we were together she would take off while she left her 3 kids with me. She would go to the bar or casino and drink and get high sniffing, smoking, it all using whoever had it. She would end up hooking up with dudes she would tell them she is being verbally and mentally abused at home and that she stays for her kids. These guys would feel bad for her and she would get them to pay for everything even though she had money in her pocket. They f*cked her and she sold it saying she was trying to get a place to plant the seed. They would think that she had interest in them using them for everything. She would come home f*ck me and go back and forth between guys. Always on her phone setting up her next move. She had over 40 people on her blocked call list cause she left them high and dry and probably brokenhearted cause she plays off pf this connection that she would find and exploit it to the max. As she would continue to keep her options coming acting like she’s single when she has a guy at home watching her kids and dudes she’s talking to or dodging all over the place. So her and I went to the casino and then after she lost and knew I wasn’t giving her my money. We left and as we were leaving this guy walks up probably her newest sucker and he says don’t look at me don’t touch me get the f*ck away from me. I was like wtf she stops him and pleads with him as I say lets go. He must of had cash cause she ended up staying with him and I left wondering what happened I told her that her sh*t would be in her car and since she didn’t pay rent anyways she was not welcome. Well come to find out that was a guy that she was playing cause 2wks later after she burned all the places she could go she came crying back to me acting like she wants to be with her kids and a bunch of other sh1t. So 1st night back and she takes off again i know its not to the guy at the casino cause he f*ckin told her off and called her out he ended up twaring her grill off her car, i dont blame him. So now she’s back and already up to her same tricks out f*cking dudes and getting high and then coming back. I think she needs a rehab program and a DRD test she has an attitude that is out of control and when ? She gets so angry or cries she is so damn needy she never has gas or cig or money for anything but she can be at the casino and still getting high and having new things without a job she is a hustling floozy, The sh1t part is she is so adamant on telling people when she meets them how much she doesn’t like all the behavior that she is doing and claims she never does these things she believes her own lies and thats all that matters cause she can never be wrong. The only time she sees wrong is when people around her aren’t doing stuff for her and then tries to make them out to be the piece of sh1t. She’s hooked on dope pills d*ck sucking crying manipulating and not giving a f*ck about her kids and what her choices and how they effect them does to the people that might still care about her but she is starting to be exposed more and more and she is crying more and more to divert focus on her actions and get false sympathy so she can go back to doing what she does best being a lying using f*cking heartless slore, having to whip her sh*t every time she leaves one dude and meeting the next.She says she is going to get a job and move out of my house but i think she is using some of her old tricks and a few new ones in order to get me right where she wants me , and she can be right at home free and having her cake and everyone elses too.

–OP you sure you didn’t leave out any details in this novel?

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  1. JaneAugust 26, 2018 at 9:30 PM

    I can see how these comments about Page could be true. She always plays the poor victim to get people to feel bad for her and fork out money. She claims she has done great things in her work life but it is all fake. Who ever is looking to hire her should edinitely talk to the managers whom she reported to. They will tell you her lack of work ethic and tendency to reveal her racism. Too bad people like her are among us.

  2. BabyMamaJune 9, 2018 at 10:43 PM

    Actually The Dirty, it appears a little was left out. You see, the angry OP is trashing this person, but seems to be throwing in pieces of OP’s previous relationship. OP is a convicted felon for none other than *wait for it* drugs. So how convenient would it be to accuse someone who comes into his path that doesn’t play according to his rules, that they’re involved in the very felonious behavior they’re involved in? About the claim that the one doing the dirty deeds is abandoning their children.. that’s ironic, because OP abandoned their child, for the exact thing that’s beinf claimed here. Sounds like someone drank a little too much of the haterade. Sorry buddy, but anyone would be considered a saint in comparison to you. And your credibility went out the window with your first arrest. My thoughts go out to anyone that crosses paths with you. And I’m grateful my son is safe with me now.

  3. TigreMay 25, 2018 at 9:59 PM

    The OP has no reason to complain because he’s the one who is lucky enough to be her man. The other guys only get sex.

  4. LotusXTCMay 24, 2018 at 8:36 PM

    Also if they make a Movie about Chyna.. she’s def a front runner.

    “dont treat me like a woman… dont treat me like a man.. ” hahaha

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