Saum Sharifi of Altus Jobs LLC moves to San Diego

Saum Sharifi of Altus Jobs LLC moves to San Diego

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Watch out San Diego, Saum Sharifi had to move from Orlando to the west coast to revamp his rep! Altus Jobs, LLC (“Altus”) is a staffing company, operating and conducting business under a clever Ponzi-like scheme, using deceptive methods and practices to intentionally create turnover with certain companies causing vacancies at those company workplaces, meanwhile, simultaneously taking advantage of the very vacancy it creates to obtain new business and subsequently render staffing service needed to replace the very vacancy created. Altus will charge a employee/company up to 25% of the new employee’s first year salary for its services. This fee is paid on a one-time, lump sum basis, usually 30-60 days after the start date of a new hire which Altus is responsible for finding. This is industry practice. Altus, however, by and through its employees, under alias name(s) and false identities, will immediately “poach” or solicit the same employees to work at a competitor company once fully paid. Unbeknownst to the company/employers, this creates a cycle of turnover for the employer/company and consequently a financial hardship for the costs associated with and fees associated with the need to replace employees and pay for such services. More specifically, upon commencing employment with Altus, each employee is given two (2) separate profiles comprising of two (2) names, two (2) phone numbers and two (2) email addresses. One profile is legitimate and reflects the actual individual employee working for Altus . The other set is illegitimate, and is a fake identity, with an alias name and email address. The alias name and false identity allows the employee of Altus to remain anonymous and unknown under the disguise of a competitor staffing company so that when they “poach” or solicit employees from their own clients, the client does not know who it is. The fake company alias name(s) and domain names are either owned by Altus Jobs, LLC or its principal owner, Saum Sharifi. These aliases are known to be: “Titian Search Group” (; and “Blackridge Recruiting” ( Altus Jobs, LLC has been conducting this business practice for several years, targeting high-end engineering and architecture firms, nation-wide. Also, it should be known that Altus Jobs, LLC is currently being sued by a former employee, Matthew Dione, as a pro se litigant, in Seminole County, Florida, Case No.: 2017-CA-002441 under § 448.102 Violation of Retaliatory Discharge Statute, after being fired for refusing to take stimulants such as Adderall and cocaine at the suggestion of Saum Sharifi himself in order to enhance work performance in the work place.

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  1. LOLMarch 19, 2019 at 10:14 AM

    Matthew Dione? are we talking about the guy who got kicked off “The Bachelorette” before the show even started? lmfao

  2. TremendousJanuary 30, 2019 at 10:44 PM

    Wow… firing someone because they refused to take adderall and pepsi…I haven’t heard that one yet…. anyways… I have heard this douchebags name before. He was doing some pyramid scheme nonsense in the past in Orlando and someone was nice enough to take him under his wing and gave him a job at his temp agency. Saum proceeded to steal this person’s connections and business plan and start his own company “atlas”… and as the above article stated… he is still ripping people off… what a classy guy. Hey saum’re a douchebag pu55y that had to run clear across the country so you can keep ripping people off… hey, guess what!? Its going to catch up with you . Prick

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