Siego Diego Scammer Andy Tamez

Siego Diego Scammer Andy Tamez

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Andy Tamez puts the CAD in Caddy! I made the huge mistake of letting my friends fix me up with him (yes, he was short and older, but hey — it’d been a dry spell for me!). I was already guarded because he had knocked up some older ‘chick” while staying with her for cheap rent/to save money on gas (this guy redefined CHEAP!). But boy, did he love to party, so we often went out for drinks and kicked back a few! However, he also smoked a ton of pot, he tried to get me to do Molly, and he popped the blue V pills, so he clearly had E.D. issues….I was fine with just alcohol, but he had the audacity to say that *I* drank too much — when I could barely keep up with him! He asked weird/intrusive questions, like “How much was my rent?!”, “Would I ever ‘be’ with a woman?!” (Um, gross!). He boasted about how ‘good’ he was in bed, um, I am not sure if he actually *believes* his own up PR?!! He sucked, talk about small, and no timing…Plus, it was like having sex with a horny Smurf :(

Continue Reading- You both sound like alcoholics.- nik

What ruined our short lived fling was that he judged me for the amount of booze I consumed, he hit on one of my friends (does this loser thinks that women don’t tell each other stuff?!), then he cheated on me with some younger girl he met online when I was camping! Scumbag! He also used to bring his baby to the cold park late a night and leave him unattended while he drank and partied with others! NOT cool, the poor kid….I think he hates his ex/Baby Mama so much, that he lets his son suffer for his hatred. Why else would he take a baby out when it was 49′, past 10:30pm, and leave him alone while he drank a six back with the boys!!!?

Andy is totally toxic, a liar, a cheater, a neglectful dad, and the man your mother and your father both warned you about! I am not sure what the Doctors/”Experts” would say, but Andy bragged about sexing out “dozens of hotties in FRONT of his son in his one-bedroom apartment in OB!!? (Teaching him how to be a ‘stud muffin!”). I drew the line: only at my place…. The ‘sluts” he brings home must not care about kids!! Watch out for the phony “bashful’ types, ladies! Be careful, even if your friends set you up! Clearly his friends don’t mind him neglecting his kid, but I kicked his sorry butt to the curb when I found out he lied and cheated when I was away. It was all too much to bear, being alone is far superior! Andy makes having a dry spell seem favorable!!!! I feel sorry for any ‘chick’ he scams into “dating’ his sorry butt, and for his poor baby (and I am not even the type to gush over a baby!). Just beware! Andy Tamez is seriously BAD news!

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  1. Dry and SoberDecember 27, 2017 at 10:24 PM

    Yes Nik, I used to consume far too much alcohol, and clearly it clouded my judgment! Proud to say I am dry and sober, and no longer involved with horrible men who mistreat people– including their own kids! SD is a hard drinking town, just wanted to forewarn the ladies here about this particular parasite, who lives within walking distance of dozens of bars!

    Happy New Year, Nik! :)

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