Sirem Roman of San Diego

Sirem Roman of San Diego

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this floozy is full of anger toward ALL females because her baby daddy #2 has about 15 kids with 13 girls and a few were produced after her of course! Anyway, Nik, she needs to be in here because ugly as sh*t with a huge nose, cone head, and fakest wannabe Kylie Jenner lips. Let’s not forgot her wack butt shots she got done in TJ with her sister lol(that you can’t even notice) and her fake little ti**y job!

She also posts non-stop pics that she clearly photoshops and no one gives a f**k about, as if she’s somewhat cute. This clown needs to be exposed for being a weak ass doormat promoting “self love,” yet she got cheated on her whole damn life. B*tch has got to be in her 40’s by now. She’s pathetic in a nutshell and has no reason to think she’s better then all these women her nights luv to leave her for!

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  1. SiremNovember 15, 2017 at 12:12 PM

    Clearly someone is a major hater lmao ….. if they don’t like me stop stalking me pretty please. That picture was a video so if they want to see what i actually look like look at my page. Haha
    All that information is false and so sad that someone can spend the time STALKING my page because they have way to much time on their hands. Must be one of the baby mommas lmao….. girl bye

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