Likes to class himself a mac daddy – Myles Tomierlin

Likes to class himself a mac daddy – Myles Tomierlin

The Dirty Army: Read this ladies!! cheating dude warning!” Myles Tomerlin (POF name is Ima_Just_Do_Me) is a cheating, lying, ONE minute man, who has DRD and will NOT tell you before you are intimate (then calls women sluts who try to confront him). He seems sooo nice and respectful it almost seems unreal, which it is. He is married but will say separated or divorced… He is a deadbeat dad who smokes weed all day and cant keep a job. He is also a Meth addict. Which i had to find out after the fact (his wife wrote me on fb and told me NOT him). He specifically told me he does NOT do hard drugs. Although he looks like he does… i didn’t wanna judge. He also mooches (never has money for anything besides weed and apparently meth)off women and when he is caught will turn it around and call you all kinds of horrible names. He was also cheating on his wife with 2 OTHER women besides me. Possibly more! Who knows!? He has no problem lying right to your face. Saying he wont hurt you or lie. Ladies stay away if you care about yourself!!

–OP – If you were with this guy it’s time for some self reflection.

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  1. Cave manDecember 3, 2018 at 6:02 PM

    Dude, looking like you need a serious wax job. Get them warts removed