SCAM ALERT: Beware Of Facebook Con-artists Jon Dekok and Jems Wolf

SCAM ALERT: Beware Of Facebook Con-artists Jon Dekok and Jems Wolf

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so we received an email to our website regarding potential advertising opportunities from a company called Ysf Marketing. After a conference call with one of their ad men Jon Dekok we proceeded to create a business manager profile for our Facebook fan page. During the course of us creating the business manager profile through Facebook whoever was pretending to be this ad company set up a phony account mirroring our company name and profile pic. Once we clicked on the account to connect our fan page to our created account appeared right there as if it were our own, acting as bait to get us to administer access.

Once access was giving to this specific business profile I, along with all the other administrators of the page were kicked out, with all access to the page through Facebook terminated. This was done by JEMS WOLF, as I was given a notification through email that he had done so. I soon notified Facebook through their security channels as soon as I saw this guy but the damage had already been done. Whoever this was spent a lot of time researching me and my personal Facebook page to replicate Exactly how I set it up on my end. Haven’t recieved anything from Facebook yet. These Fanboys that wanted to play house. Unfortunately for them they had no idea who’s house they were walking into. Jems tell the FBI we said hello.

I hope Facebook does the right thing and cooperates with the FEDS. This is like murder… you’re basically stealing a soul. Facebook is life!- nik

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  1. BatmanDecember 5, 2017 at 11:28 PM


    Sounds like a professional and reputable name I want to do business with.

  2. GentileDecember 5, 2017 at 8:45 PM

    Social media has ruined a generation of women.