Celia Mendoza — Nikki the scamming p4p

Celia Mendoza — Nikki the scamming p4p

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nikki is 22 but tells people she’s 23 or 24. She is a total cat fish and looks nothing like what she looks like once she puts on her wig and pounds on makeup. She’s a scammer and master manipulator. Her main scamming hustle is being a “fake p4p” she works for different agencies and goes out on runs all night, meeting at mens homes or hotel rooms. She gets their money before she does anything then thinks of an excuse to be able to get to the door and runs away. She does it all night and sometimes even ends up stealing the percentage she is supposed to give her agency and claim she got robbed. Her other scam is cell phones, she uses stolen social security #’s and names. Gets I.Ds made with their info & her picture and goes around to different cell phone stores and tries to get as much as she can under the stolen identities name. She has a 5 year old son that she doesn’t take care of at all.


She took him out of school because she couldn’t wake up to take him to school and didn’t want to deal with CPS checking on her so she decided to “homeschool” him. Although her idea of homeschooling her 5 year old is handing him a worksheet walking away and telling him to figure it out. The days she does have him with her she sleeps all day and leaves him alone in his room playing in silence for hours. Her son looks sickly and has a huge bump on the front of his head that is growing everyday and she does nothing to take care of it, but she flaunts herself on instagram like she has herself very well put together. She’s addicted to pepsi and will do anything to be able to get her hands on a bag of pepsi every night and not have to pay for it. Shes to lazy to work her scamming jobs to many days a week so she lays in bed all day calling different guys to pay for her weed, bills, post mates, ubers, or anything else she can get out of them. The most scandalous thing about this trashy girl is she is with her baby daddy AND his brother. Some days even has sex with them both in the same day. Both the brothers have found out that she is with the other and neither of them care. Which isn’t surprising from guys that are cool with their girl being a “scammer p4p” it’s not that far fetched that they brush off that she is with both of them. Its a weird 3-way trailer park jerry springer relationship. She will manipulate and lie in any situation to anyone no matter how close you are to her or how much you may think she is your friend. I’ve seen her turn on people that have done nothing but be nice to her in 2 seconds if it will get her what she wants.


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