David Munoz — Professor Munoz

David Munoz — Professor Munoz

THE DIRTY ARMY:This is the man who took over the philosophy department a few years ago at Chandler-Gilbert community college and basically fired all the other professors and took over teaching all the Philosophy classes. He ended the dreams of many adjunct professors who had to resort to teaching in high schools or changing careers. Because of David Alberto Munoz these guys now had a harder path to climb higher to teaching at ASU or other major colleges. David is also what he jokingly refers to himself as a “brown supremacist”. Allot of the professors he let go were white. In his classes race is always the main subject. He has a chip on his shoulder against white people and is also very political. Even as a black student in his class I was tired of being lectured to about stuff we all have heard millions of times before. I wanted to learn about philosophy and expand my mind. This fool is a butt hurt slob. I actually changed my major from philosophy because his class depressed me out of it. Cant believe Maricopa Community College system hasn’t fired him already.


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  1. Build the wallMarch 5, 2019 at 2:44 AM

    Send him back to Mexico

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