Don’t make my costly mistakes

Don’t make my costly mistakes

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick Days Freeman is, in my opinion, out of her mind. I should have ran in the other direction, when I found out she was good friends with two of the women who shut down the porn industry a few years ago. One of which is on The Dirty. A.K.A. Cameron Bay. This chick has a past full of crazy. From being busted for prostitution and more. All of which can be google verified. She will cheat on you in a heartbeat.

She recently moved back to AZ after leaving me debt ridden. She works at one of the strip clubs in AZ. I won’t name the club but let’s just say its a D irty P lace! And she hangs out in Scottsdale. Most likely looking for a sugar daddy. She looks totally different without her wigs and makeup. Most guys will think she’s hot. Shes not. She’s a bum with horrible hygine and a vendictive personality. I wouldn’t have put her on here, but she contacted me after 4 months to mess with my head. She even said I wouldn’t put her on here. Well, here you go. I kept it clean because I’m just giving other guys a heads up. Everything that glitters isnt gold. Somtimes it could be a gold digger shining. Fellas, think with the big head if you ever cross paths with this one. You’ve been warned.

Wow this is like Wheel of Fortune. I think the answer is Dream Palace.- nik

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