Keep Your Husband Away From Jennifer Copelin

Keep Your Husband Away From Jennifer Copelin

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, after 16 years of marriage my husband invested a small amount in his friends restaurant and so he began spending time there. He began treating me differently at home. I knew something was different. In 2016 I hired a PI for 2 weeks and I was given a video of the Jennifer Copelin and my husband making out in a parking lot. I confronted him. We had a lot to work through!!! With counseling, getting back in church and him supposedly staying away from this woman I agreed to work on things. 13 months go by and things are going great. Our family, (2 children involved) was on a cruise out of the country and the homewrecker begins texting me bc she’s having a breakdown bc my HUSBAND is on vacation with his family.

She says they’re supposed to be together & that I’m supposed to be out of the picture by now and that he hates me. Lol. Stupid woman. I guess if that’s all he had to say to get her to swallow & spread her legs. I told her we’re fine. In the last year you claim to have been sleeping with him, which is absolutely HIS bad too, he’s bought me a 75k ring 💍 and we go on a date night every week. He’s lying to you bc you’re putting out. Have some respect for yourself. Good Lord, and have some respect for a family. Why would you hurt a 10 & 13 year old. Life is hard enough. You are intentionally destroying a family. Just remember Jennifer Copelin, revenge is in Gods hands, not mine.

Sounds like your husband is winning the game of life. Much like Kobe Bryant, he knows material items are the key to his wife’s heart and family stability. My vote is for a sister wives situation to be fair for all parties involved.- nik

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