Please Nik hear me out

Please Nik hear me out

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I am writing this post unfortunately begging the admin to take down the awful post about me. I have wrote a comment that is false on the post about me. It was not my step sister who had done this. It was a girl named Patrica who was obsessed with my bf (the one who she says is a drug dealer). I have contacted her and threatened her so she would take it down. She said there was no way of taking it down.

So I had the police come to my door today because she went to the police station stating my threat. This is all very stressful and not good for the baby I am producing in my belly right now. This is my third child, I am a mother of two and one on the way. Yes long ago I was a dancer I am not proud of it but I also was an addict. I have taken the hard way in life and have had to grow up fast because of it, being on my own at the age of 13 was hard I am grateful for his family who took me in because at that age I couldn’t even get a job, she had three children and I was their in home nanny.

Than when I was 17 they moved out of the country so I was stuck ended up doing the wrong things meeting he wrong people. I was kidnapped and forced to work at a jerk off massage place that’s when I got into the drugs because I was trying to kill myself with them. I am lucky to be alive today. Me and my bf own a wet basement company, what your site states about me isn’t right. It’s not fair, I know life isn’t fair but maybe Nik you can find it in your heart to be fair. I have gone through hell and back with my childhood and my ex. I have completely turned my life around and have been sober for five years now. My addiction was one of the worst ones you can have and I overcame it (heroin).

I do not have 3000 dollars saved for my children let alone to pay a lawyer to get it taken down off the site. Please Nik it has my full name when you google it. I have random guys msging my Facebook account stating that they seen this post on your site (that’s how I found out about it). How will I ever accomplish my dream of having an at home daycare if when they search my name and they see that. If it was true than I would derserve this, but it’s not and I don’t. I am asking so sincerely of you Nik to take the post about me. I am literally begging and praying that you will. I can’t believe I just poured my whole life to you I can’t believe that the girl did this to me when all I ever did was be a good friend to her.

Sure we haven’t spoken in two years but we never fought she has a child with one of my friends named Mike, as soon as she found out I was pregnant with the guy she is obsessed with she turned on me and than posted this. She had msged me through Facebook Jan 29th calling me a cocaine hooker than blocked me … I could have sent her a msg through my other account but she is sick and has mental health issues so I left it at that than I see this and it was posted Jan 30th. Also, other than the fued with my sister I have no enemies. So I knew it was her right away. Please please please please please please for my and my children future take this post down. My family has already seen this and I would hate if my bfs family saw this. Seriously from on stressed out mom right here ?.

I will remove the post for your current kids (and the unborn child named Nik or Nikki), not for you. Email me the link. Thx.- nik

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  1. Kate-LynnFebruary 15, 2018 at 7:11 AM

    LotusXTC – I don’t know how you get the movie kill bill from my statement. That came from my heart. I was just stating the full truth. Why shouldn’t I? I literally had random guys msg me on my Facebook account because it has my real full name on the post. I never stated the world owes me anything for my beautiful babies, I was just telling Nik the truth, how it really is and what I went through reguarding this post. It also states where abouts I live, that is a safety concern for my children. You seem very cold and bitter I will pray for you and wish nothing but kindness in your life. Take care

  2. TruthergirlFebruary 14, 2018 at 1:18 PM

    You should be ashamed of yourself, Nik. This is what you do, you destroy the lives of vulnerable people every single day with this piece of filth trash site.

  3. LotusXTCFebruary 14, 2018 at 10:22 AM

    Reminds me of that scene in kill bill. When Vivica is all… I beseech you for My Child! And Uma is all quit flaunting your child in my face. OP puts her own child In danger contacting her cyberbully. Why would u threaten someone while preggers? I like how she tosses her kids existence around like the world owes her for opening her legs. But whatever. Guess we know what it takes to get a post taken down.

  4. FunK_illerFebruary 14, 2018 at 8:32 AM


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