Scottsdale Golddigger Amanda Rocha

Scottsdale Golddigger Amanda Rocha

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, thank God you are back. There’s a new generation of girls who think the world is their oyster, as long as an old man is paying for it. For example: how the hell is Amanda Rocha in Mykonos this week? Especially since this is the biggest p4p party week on the island this summer. Sorry Amanda, we all know the drill, literally. I sat next to this fake ass floozy in real estate school listening to her brag how she would go after the older mature guys offer p4p in return for her gifts and trips. And the only reason why she is in the school is to find her next victim, since she can’t even pass the real estate exam or have a real job.

Rocha said this was her third time in the school and now she only comes to the school to find her rich daddy. Nik you should see what she wears in this classroom with everything showing including her fake +2’s, lips, cheeks and tan. Can you say camel toe? But the teacher is a guy so what do you expect. You should see her Facebook page, she keeps changing her hair color. My guess is to confuse her victims. She has this fake ad on her Facebook listing that she is a beautician of eyebrows… This must be why she is working at Time Out Spa in Mesa, call and ask for Amanda. Nik, I’m glad the Dirty is back and will expose these fake ass bitches for who and what they are! And yes I agree they should all be in jail.

Who needs Tinder when you can just go to Mykonos?- nik

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  1. You're PatheticOctober 24, 2017 at 3:52 PM

    Your life is Lame and You have no purpose! Your a waste of time and Sad! Please stop Making up lies and Stalking me you Dirty Troll! Must Suck to be you!