Scottsdale Watch out for this Trio of Trouble

Scottsdale Watch out for this Trio of Trouble

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these women (Alley Spoon, Amanda Rocha, and Eunice Choi) give all of us good b*tches a bad name. They all have had multiple posts and warnings about their gold-digging lifestyles on The Dirty before. They go after older guys that have a lot of money, cars, and things that will benefit them in some way. They don’t care if our men are taken. They will try to sleep with them and get what they can from them anyways. Their personalities are as fake as their t*ts, lips, as and tans! They want what we could woman have worked hard for, but they can’t accomplish it the legal way or on their own., so they try to steal our purses or Rolex Watches or even our men in bathrooms or private boots and they’ll do whatever you want as long as you have Pepsi.

They have no originality, they’re fake plastic, and contaminated. They don’t have the brains to get a real job so they do the only thing that they know …. dance, strip, massage or prostitute, and pass on the DRDs like an old Chain Letter. I’m actually surprised that any man would fall for these fake ass floozies! With all the posts and repeated warnings I cannot believe any man would be surprised when they are bilked out of hundreds or thousands of dollars while getting contaminated, but again, if you’re paying for it then you really shouldn’t be surprised you’re with a gold-digging P4p no matter how you slice it. Nik – I hope you don’t support these fake ass b*tches. Let’s get them out of Arizona for good!

How are they not in jail already?- nik

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