This is your brain on drugs….

This is your brain on drugs….

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Max Buchmelter was born for the short bus. Not because of a difficult mental illness or diagnosis of any kind. At least one that he’s been smart enough to try to invoke…. It is on good authority that Max has developed major brain problems through the use by inhalation of regular household products such as; spray paint, butanol, whip cream cans, ect. It never mattered as long as his brain got its fix. As a result of this, Max is not only an embassment to the community and anyone he comes into contact with. At first it’s uncomfortable, to be around somebody it is using broken and literally slobbering on themself. Unfortunately for him, he can’t stop and it scares of woman.

Besides all of the what is really dangerous about this self inflicted tardy is that he is endangering the residents of Scottsdale. This fool drives his car around at speeds north of 80 MPH and does constant burn outs. How he has not gotten a DUI yet is beyond me. What to go Scottsdale’s finest. All fun and games aside he is going to kill someone or himself. The amounts of chemicals that enter this poor mentally stunted man is simply unbelievable. You can see him these days driving a black Dodge sports car. In a matter of 6 months he has gone through 3 sets of tires. Recently just bought a motorcycle. I give him 3-9 months before he’s dead because of that thing.

An amazing fact about this single cell brain man is that he does not work and yet you would think he owns most of Old Town Scottsdale. In fairness, maybe he dropped by the doctor and there is a legitimate brain injury here which was accompanied by a large settlement. The important thing to take from all this is to stay away from this walking drug magnet. He is going to kill someone. He almost killed a girl by doling out DMT. This type of recklessness is tolerated by who? Who keeps him with a common supply of just about every substance known to man. And who watches his every move? There is more dirt here that I can describe. I am just sticking to what is important. Warning people of the dangers that are ripping through Scottsdale. J will let some else find dirt on everything that surrounds this thing. You will now him if you ever meet a guy that sounds like Rocky Balboa and Paulie Shore’s love child.

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  1. saywhat?!?!January 20, 2018 at 8:53 PM

    He should be arrested on looks alone.

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