Registered Sex Offender/Kidnapper — Michael Nadeau

Registered Sex Offender/Kidnapper — Michael Nadeau

THE DIRTY ARMY: This man is on ALL the dating sites including but not limited to: Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Match… I know this due to talking to other women. He starts off by saying he’d rather text than talk on the app. The photos he posted on Tinder were very old. The ones I’ve supplies are what he sent me directly & are what he has on most of his profiles besides Tinder. Once I politely told him I’m not interested, he LOST IT. Extremely insecure man has to insult the women who don’t want him. I blocked his number & then the idiot found me on Facebook (good job giving me your full name). I googled him & the dude is a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER!!!!!!!! It happened in Michigan back in 2004 but still. His area code is from Michigan. His name is Michael Raymond Nadeau but he’s since changed his middle name to something starting with a W. REPORT HIM if you come across him on any dating site or Facebook and STAY SAFE!!!!!

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  1. BatmanOctober 19, 2018 at 9:08 PM

    Seems like the insecure one is the one who feels a need to post another person business online. Lol.

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