Sarah Amador — Sad Little Girl

Sarah Amador — Sad Little Girl

THE DIRTY ARMY: The truth is, I used to admire this “woman” from afar. We worked together, and she was truly a force to be reckoned with when it came to her career. Whispers began to filter up through people she worked with at her previous location though. And that’s when many of us began to notice that Sarah enjoyed using male counterparts to get what she wanted out of her career. Many believed they were just stories contrived from gossip made up by coworkers that were jealous. That was until Sarah, who is married, began to flaunt her relationship with a man who was not only married but had children. The two barely tried to keep it a secret. Her bragged about how her best friend Becca even knew and was hoping this man would leave his family for Sarah so she could finally be in a happy marriage. Numerous people reported the inappropriate relationship, being that Sarah was held to such a high standard as was the man she was sleeping with. It was hard to watch and not be able to say anything to both her husband and the wife of the man she was screwing around with. We all thought how humiliating it was for their spouses and families, to be so open about this relationship and no one was saying or doing anything about it. Luckily it finally caught up to them, and both were fired. We are pretty sure Sarah was involved with other men in the company though. She wasn’t the same after she was left by this man. Rumor has it she wouldn’t stop calling him and begging him to come back because of how miserable her husband made her. Sad really, her husband is an extremely nice, God fearing man. Sarah puts on this front of being that Angelic Christian wife, by despises it. If you aren’t happy being controlled and made into a woman you aren’t, just leave, you know? Don’t mess up someone else’s marriage. Especially when children are involved. I think Sarah needs to find a new career outside of Human Resources since she goes against everything they stand for. I also hope that if she finds a new job, she finds her true self and doesn’t destroy any more families. I also hope her husband knows that his wife’s very best friend knew everything and supported her leaving him. That’s not what a best friend should be like. I’m saddened people at our work continue to support Sarah despite knowing she doesn’t follow protocol and walked all over her job position to get what she wanted. I’m glad I don’t work there anymore, because they obviously don’t care about families of their peers.

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  1. JMJanuary 12, 2019 at 10:07 PM

    Any recent information on this gal? She seems to always be one upping her previous scandals.

    • Flo RidaJanuary 20, 2019 at 2:31 PM

      I’m sure her husband stayed with her, that whole Christian thing. Irony. Funny how most of the girls you find on this site are skanks and then you have her. Why ruin a good thing? Not just your marriage but his too? Talented, smart, successful. And yet couldn’t keep those Christian legs closed. God only grants grace to those who are truly sorry. I don’t think she is.

  2. Former Friend of Sarah’sNovember 29, 2018 at 4:01 PM

    Sarah doesn’t feel guilt over this. As a friend of both hers and her husband, I know she has lied to him about everything that has taken place. It is rather disappointing considering she is an Aunt. And I’m sure if someone tried to break up the family of her sister and brother in laws she would be incredibly sad about it. Sarah is jealous of what she cannot have and wouldn’t think twice about destroying the family she wanted with the man whose life she ultimately destroyed. He told her he couldn’t break up his family, but she didn’t care. And then she got him fired. I no longer want to associate myself with a woman that lives in a house of lies. Her husband and his family do everything for her and all she does is lie to them about everything. Sarah. For someone who claims to be Christian, you certainly don’t fear sinning or the possibility of hell. It is one thing to go after someone’s husband. But thinking of taking a mother’s children away is the most deplorable thing anyone could do. I’m so disgusted that I had a friendship with you. I hope people begin to see the true person you are. You do not love Josh. You never have. And Josh, you are wasting your life with someone who lies about herself and what she does on a daily basis. I’m begging you to walk away and find someone who truly loves you. You are a sweet, god fearing man that doesn’t deserve someone like Sarah. How would you feel knowing another woman tried to take your sisters kids from her? I know you love your nieces and nephews so much. Think about how this woman feels knowing your wife tried in vain to take her kids away. I’ve seen the proof. I believed Sarah too. But I have seen the things she has said to this man about his wife and kids. You are being lied to. Your whole family is.

  3. LeslieNovember 12, 2018 at 1:41 PM

    Someone who isn’t a parent will never understand what it feels like to have your family threatened the ways yours was. I feel as though if she had children of her own, she would not have gone through with this. Although the husband sure did. My husband left our family, no remorse. But wanted so much visitation. My heart was sick knowing they would have to be around the woman that stole their daddy away from them. Perhaps I am a terrible person in saying this, but I hope Sarah never has children. That she never has to experience another human prey upon her family and worry about losing everything she holds dear. I can say it’s not very Christian until my face turns blue but she already knows that. And ultimately does not care about her Christianity or the love and grace God has given her, or else she would have followed a very different path.
    Don’t wear a mask, Mrs. Amador. People know the real you now. A woman that wanted to take someone’s family away from them. I can’t fathom the pain his wife is feeling and the anger within. We protect our children. We always will. Maybe one day you will understand but I highly doubt it. And honestly hope you do not procreate.

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