Tiffany Brouse of Spanaway, Washington

Tiffany Brouse of Spanaway, Washington

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this 30 year old named Tiffany Brouse is dirty. About a year and a half ago this woman was married to her husband with three children. She decides to go out on her husband with her neighbors. Like the block to be exact. Poor guy at home with his kids while she hooks up with guys from work, while escorting. Then when he goes to the store for an hour or two to shop for groceries she runs to the neighborhood for dirty.

Eventually Tiffany meets another man in the nieghborhood from the next block over, convinces the neighbor man “fling” to help her divorce her husband and be there for her and the children. Well he was there for the divorce and while she kicked her husband of 14 years down the street and gets pregnant from the neighbor guy. BUN IN THE OVEN!! So the new father to be is seeing how she is and the other nieghbors inform him and warn him about how she is “bad news” and to let her go. He gets it but his heart gets in the way, She’s pregnant with his kid now and the children need him now.

Even though Tiffany does the dirty he still takes on his new family like any man would. Well his bad. This man moves Tiffany out of the house to a new neighborhood. Trying to start fresh. Well turns out she was getting even more DIRTY with the FUZZ. Yeah the FUZZ. So she has new Close encounters with the FUZZ more than one, and encounters with co workers more than one, and the old nieghbors while pregnant with the new father to be behind his back. Although she was not sure who’s baby it really was if you catch my drift. She was probably wishing and praying it was the guy that really didn’t like her all that much but needed some bump n and grinding. Because people know how she is No one would really date her full time and take on her children, just the father to be.

Well Tiffany ended up getting tired of the father to be. He did have a couple misdemeanor warrants. So at four months pregnant anxious to party and have “groups.. parties you know “gang ……s “ with the Fuzz, co workers and whoever else will.. 4 to 5 months just DIRTY. She has the fuzz pick up her babies daddy and take him to jail, so she can be her gross self without him there. So the babies dad goes to jail, she parties, gets high, sends him pictures while he’s in jail of how horrible she looked while abusing herself pregnant, and finally has his baby while he’s in jail. Wow this chick is the definitely the definition of dirty. Now you know Tiffany. Ewwwww We are done here.

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  1. James in BallardMay 23, 2018 at 10:58 PM

    Is this about you and is it true? I would love to hear from you

  2. WowApril 6, 2018 at 1:45 PM

    Wow. Pretty good storytelling for someone who didn’t graduate high school. A bitter ex, with a record of domestic violence and FTR. “Consider the source” of this made up story.
    A man who does nothing but drink and lie, cannot hold a job for more than three days, and either lives with/ off of his mom or girlfriend. Sad
    Alex Valadez

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