THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok so this nasty slob trash loser is a sick home wrecking little wh*re that will sleep with your man while u are locked up at work or where ever and not only that she is filthy as can be and she doesn’t clean up after herself not to mention she is strung out on drugs… She likes to talk mad sh*t about people not having their children when she doesn’t even have her own children… I mean let’s be honest here… And she’s a snitch for the local police dept… She’s abusive as hell to the men she’s tried to be with bcuz she’s a raging drug addict/alcoholic.. she can’t go a day without smoking that go go juice… Nor without drinking alcohol…. Not only that but she likes to treat other people’s children like dirt and has even been physically abusive to them… She’s burnt people’s belonging and stole them and even pop the tires on this one chicks car bcuz she’s that much of a worthless low life piece of junk… All she does just run her trap and start sh1t in people’s lives and honestly I can’t wait for the day she gets her mouth handed to her for talking trash… And she lies about EVERYTHING… She will literally try and convince u that she is being real but other mfs can prove that what she saying is a lie… It’s funny bcuz she tries so hard to control people and even uses her kids over her baby daddies head to get them to give in to her so she can have what she wants… The broad is so worthless she even cheated on one guy if not all of them pretty much a majority of the time they were together even was in an ongoing relationship with one guy while living with one of her baby daddies and in a supposed relationship well we see where that got her… NO WHERE BUT UNABLE TO USE AND ABUSE AND BE A HOME WRECKING LOSER…. ladies keep your man on a leash cause if she can screw him she will and keep y’all belongings put up bcuz shes a major theif and don’t listen to a word the nasty little dog says bcuz she’s a lying…. Dudes this goes for you to… She will try to use anyone for what ever she can… She’s so fuked up her parents can’t even stand her prolly not even her little kids that she never sees… But gets food stamp and child support but don’t take care of none of them… Her parents and some lady take care of her kids bcuz she to worried about chasing Peter and screwing ppl over and getting drunk and high… She doesn’t even care about her kids…. She’s a real piece of trash and every needs to beware…

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  1. The lucky rabbitOctober 20, 2018 at 1:46 AM

    Dam crystal you put her in her place what else has she done ? Let’s hear it all

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