Exposing Elizabeth Yergen

Exposing Elizabeth Yergen

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Elizabeth Yergen – Well, where do I start with this one? She met me and my bf a while back. Knew I was pregnant with out baby, went to flag cruises together, everything. I wouldn’t call us “friends” but she knew of me, knew of my bf, and knew of our relationship and family. Fast forward to Christmas of 2016. She post a status bi*ching about how miserable her love life is. My bf thinking he’s captain save a floozy, messaged her, and was trying to console her.

Well, let’s just say it went farther and he ended up sleeping with her a few days later when I was at work. New Years rolls around, we go out to celebrate, I decide to forgive him and we are supposed to start fresh, cut her out, everything. Things are ok for a couple days and I find out he started texting her again. So I kicked him out. They got together and had their fling, whatever.

What got me the most about their “relationship” is she was trying to tell him he could take my son from me and she would raise him, she would be his mother, and they would never have to worry about him not being able to see our son. That’s where you’re wrong there.

So April, 2017 rolls around. He decides he wants his family back. We talk a lot. Visit together with the kids. Make sure it’s what we both want. Then we make the decision to start working on us. He tells her he wants his family back. She goes crazy, slaps him, he tries to leave, and she jumps on the hood of the moving car and falls off. Then starts telling everyone he ran her over. She’s f**king crazy. She even ended up going to jail for slapping him.

So time is now. August, 2017. We are doing great, no issues, no cheating, nothing. Well, low and behold, here comes Mrs.Trunchbull. She starts messaging him and begging him to come back. So he tells me, proud of him btw. So I start messaging her pretending I am him. Trying to see what she wants. Well, she is BEGGING him to come back. Claiming how she loves him, she’s sorry she ever slapped him, she didn’t mean it, she just wants to make things right, blah blah blah. Well, I am about to end the conversation with Captain Psycho when she decided to start bragging about getting her fishbox and nipples pierced and then SENDS HIM PICTURES!! I cut that sh*t off, REAL quick like. Blasted her all over social media, everything.

She doesn’t care who she hurts. Who she rips apart. What families she destroys. Nothing. She was convincing my bf I was a bad mom and deserved to lose my kids and everything. She’s a psycho my friends. Need to steer clear of this one!!

I can’t believe you made me read this whole thing and she’s not even hot.- nik


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